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ZoomIntoPhilanthropy: WRWF ZIP Sessions

ZIP Sessions is WRWF’s virtual tool for all members to access topical and timely discussions, connect with other members, advance philanthropic knowledge and engage in learning opportunities.

Through the ZOOM conference app, ZIP Sessions provide the opportunity for all our members to stay engaged in our mission and connected with each other. ZIP Sessions are live, moderated conversations that cover a variety of topics relevant to the work of the Foundation for the purpose of further boosting our philanthropic expertise. Members register in advance and submit questions for use in the conversations. Sessions are open to all members and are accessible wherever internet service is provided. We hope to ‘see’ you participating no matter where you are located!

Series One: When in a Pandemic!

In this series, learn how WRWF non-profit partners are navigating through the coronavirus landscape.

Series Two: Education Series

With the “When in a Pandemic” ZIP Series well underway, we are excited to announce the launch of the Education Series beginning June 24!

See the calendar of sessions

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