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We are thrilled to welcome new members!

Whether you live in the Wood River Valley year-round or part-time, or are just visiting, please come join us!
Our foundation hosts numerous events throughout the year, connecting members through social, educational, and grant-focused gatherings. Members enjoy the many opportunities to create lasting friendships and to increase their knowledge of philanthropy.
Volunteer for one of our many committees, learn more about the Wood River Valley community, and amplify the power of one through the dedication of many by giving collectively.

Our Committees

There are a variety of ways to get involved with WRWF. If you see something that leverages your skills, inspires you to contribute your time, or sparks your desire to learn, please reach out to the committee chair.


The WRWF Communications Committee’s goals are to ensure that communications support and elevate our mission, are delivered with clear and consistent messages, and keep members informed and up-to-date.

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The monthly News Brief includes information on grantees, recent and upcoming WRWF events, the work of the Foundation and other items of general interest. Our Social Media team focuses on engaging members through our Facebook and Instagram outlets. Our Website gurus keep our site looking fresh and current. Our Marketing/PR team develops opportunities for publicity, designs advertising, and cultivates support from the community at large. Finally, we are proud to be supported by corporate sponsors whose contributions enable us to amplify the WRWF mission. Volunteers who serve on the Sponsorship/Fundraising team have the opportunity to connect with business leaders and the pleasure of fostering these important relationships.

The Communications team works in collaboration with other committees as well as all foundations members. Whether you like to take pictures, create online posts, have an interest in covering an event for the News Brief, have experience with a website, are looking to help jump-start or lead our new sponsorship/fundraising effort, or can lend a hand to PR and Marketing we welcome you to join our team. We know it takes a village—please contact Communications Chair Karissa Price Rico at if you’re interested!

News Brief: Renée Spooner –

Social Media: Rebecca Palma –

Website: Sarah Shepard –


The purpose of the Education Committee is to present educational opportunities to our members that support the mission of WRWF. Our focus is to increase philanthropy by women and provide information that will lead to wiser, more effective giving. The primary educational event is the Winter Forum, usually in February, with smaller more focused events throughout the year as opportunities arise.

Education Chair: Jenni Riley –


The Finance Committee is a standing WRWF committee, whose purpose is to provide oversight for the Foundation’s financial management, account, investments, related policies, and internal financial controls. The committee also oversees the relationship with the internal accounting and outside financial personnel. Members interested in serving on the committee should have previous experience on a nonprofit board finance committee.

Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair: Trinka Dyer —


The Investment Committee (IC) is a subcommittee of the WRWF Finance Committee, whose purpose is to oversee the organization’s Endowment in accordance with the WRWF Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
The IC is responsible for formulating the overall investment policies of the WRWF Endowment, establish investment guidelines, oversee the invested assets of the Endowment, and monitor the management of the Endowment’s assets for compliance with the investment policies and guidelines. The IC recommendations are subject to approval of the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors.

Investment Committee Chair: Gail Landis –


The Governance Committee is a standing committee of the WRWF. It is responsible for maintaining strong and effective leadership of the WRWF and providing oversight of the rules and policies governing the organization. As the WRWF has been operating as a qualified tax-exempt 501(c) (3) organization since 2016, our governance work has expanded and become more complex. We welcome input and ideas from all our members as governance issues are far-reaching and can involve any aspect of WRWF’s operations. Please get in touch with Gail if you have relevant skills or experience serving on a nonprofit or corporate Governance Committee, or if you have ideas or questions about a governance matter.

Governance Committee Chair: Gail Landis-


The Grants Committee is responsible for coordinating the annual pooled grant gifting process and tracking grantees during the funding year. Committee member responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing and evaluating the grant applications including making site visits.
  • Determining the slate of application finalists to be presented on a ballot to the entire membership in March.

Participation on this committee requires members to be available in town or on Zoom (if health concerns dictate) during January and February, when much of the work takes place. Many members volunteer on one of the five to six grant subcommittees. It’s a wonderful way to learn about grantmaking and be an integral part of our annual giving agenda.

Committee members may also volunteer to be involved in the Impact sub-committee, which works on its own calendar throughout the year.

Grants Co-Chair: Sarah Lurie-


The Membership Committee welcomes and shares information with new members. Goals include acquainting people with the WRWF mission as well as creating opportunities for new members to get to know the organization. We enjoy seeing the ideas, joy, and camaraderie that emerge when like-minded women gather.

The Membership Committee is always open to those who have newly joined; feel free to reach out if you’re interested.

Dawn Sabo:


The Nominating Committee (NC) is a Standing Committee that is responsible for identifying, screening, interviewing, and recommending individuals who are under consideration for WRWF leadership roles. The NC works closely with the President and Vice President of Leadership to consider and approve candidates for Chairing and Co-Chairing, whether or not they sit on the Board in the future. Positions include: new members of the WRWF Board of Directors, committee chairs, co-chairs, at-large members, and officers of the Board. The NC is made up of current or past WRWF Board members. The NC must be made up of a minimum of three members, and a maximum of five members. The Chair of the NC is appointed by the Executive Committee of the WRWF Board.

VP of Leadership: LeeAnne Linderman-