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In this moment of uncertainty and stress, I am feeling grateful: for the privilege of having a safe, warm and well-stocked home to shelter in; for the ability to connect with WRWF members no matter where each of us are located; and for WRWF’s generous philanthropic leadership in Blaine County where we are being hit disproportionately hard with COVID-19.

As our small county continues to remain isolated, more and more businesses are closing and families are becoming unemployed. It is critical now, more than ever, to ask ourselves “How can I help?”

Yesterday, I reached out to the following WRWF nonprofit partners that are literally on the front-line of critical needs: St. Luke’s Foundation, The Hunger Coalition, The Senior Connection, The Crisis Hotline, NAMI and The Advocates. I asked about the increase in demand they have been experiencing, what needs they anticipate over the next three weeks, and how WRWF members can help support their critical work. Here is what they shared:

The Crisis Hotline

Tammy Davis, Executive Director, reports a 55% increase in call volume, with calls doubling just in the past 10 days. Callers are scared and don’t know what to do or where to turn. Tammy anticipates an even larger increase in calls and is collaborating with Herbert Romero, PROJECT.O.O.L.S & PARTNERS, to bring in a line of support to the Hispanic Community. She has been working 12-14 hour days to keep up with demand and says the best way WRWF can help her organization is to provide funds to help ensure the continuity of their services.

The Advocates

Tricia Swartling, CEO, shared that they continue to help their clients stay safe, fed, housed and emotionally supported. Their largest fundraiser of the year is scheduled for June 26 and she doesn’t know yet whether this will have to be rescheduled. Tricia said that today, we can help by donating towards their urgent needs fund in support of victims of abuse.

St. Luke’s Foundation

Megan Edwards says that our support of their Compassionate Care Program is their most important immediate need. The numbers of patients they are seeing is beyond anything any of the care providers have ever seen and they would be grateful for any help they receive.

The Senior Connection

Ramona Duke reported that their most critical need is to sustain their Meals on Wheels Program. She says their home deliveries have doubled in just one week and anticipates this trend will continue. While they will continue to provide this service at no charge, they are no longer able to serve lunch at the center which means they are not receiving the meal donations that they usually collect at lunchtime. Ramona says their essential services now rely on 100% contributed revenue. The Senior Connection welcomes and appreciates WRWF members’ financial support.

“We are most grateful for your consideration and compassion for seniors. Keeping them in their homes with nutritious meals is critical to their health during these trying times,” – Ramona Duke

nami wood river valley

We are currently waiting for reply from NAMI

WRWF members are generous donors and understand the value of our nonprofit partnerships throughout the Wood River Valley. I am 100% certain that your inbox, like mine, is full of urgent appeals. While we are all struggling with this uncertainty, we do know without question that now, more than ever, our nonprofit community needs our support. Please take this moment to stretch your philanthropic wings and support our Blaine County nonprofits.

I wish you all health and wellness and will keep you updated on the status of WRWF’s nonprofit partners as best possible going forward.

With gratitude,

Terri Bullock
WRWF President