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2020 WRWF Grant Recipients Announced

By April 29, 2020November 18th, 2020Breaking News & Emergency Updates

Thank you to all WRWF members who voted in this year’s funding process – your voice is how these decisions happen! Here are the results of your votes.

In 2020, full Grant requests will be awarded to 12 non profits; the remaining funds will be divided equally between the 5 unfunded grantees. Given the stress that the COVID 19 outbreak is placing on our community, the Board has voted to award all 2020 grants as unrestricted funds. While many of our grantees may still use the funds for the purpose requested, the Board felt it best at this unprecedented moment in time, to give WRWF’s non profit partners the flexibility to decide the best use of our support to meet their organization’s mission.

In prior years, grantees were funded in order of votes received. When the next grant request was not able to be fully funded, a partial grant was awarded to that one non profit with the next highest vote total. This year, the Board voted to revise this policy: now, rather than awarding a single partial grant, the remaining funds will be evenly distributed among the unfunded grantees. This revision honors the time and resources that our grant finalists spend applying for a WRWF grant and presenting to our membership.

To view the 2020 WRWF Grant Recipients PDF click here.

2020 WRWF Grant Recipients

  • “I Have a Dream” Foundation – Idaho “Life Skills Initiative”: $15,000
  • Advocates – Safe Housing First Phase II: $25,000
  • Crisis Hot Line, Inc. – Enhanced Rural Community Outreach and Marketing: $25,000
  • Hailey Public Library – Tech Time: $8,515
  • Ketchum Community Development Corporation (Sustainability Advisory Committee) – There is No Away – Waste Management: $75,000
  • Men’s Second Chance Living – Home improvements: $20,000
  • NAMI -Wood River Valley, Inc – Powering Hope: Expanding NAMI-WRV Mental Health Support Groups: $25,000
  • St Alphonsus Regional Medical Center – Saint Alphonsus Trauma Prevention Program: $25,000
  • St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation – The Keith Sivertson, MD, Compassionate Care Program: $25,000
  • The Hunger Coalition – Better Together: $25,000
  • The Senior Connection – The Senior Comfort Zone: $18,600
  • Wood River Community YMCA – Power Scholars Academy Camp: $15,000


2020 Partial Funded Grants

  • 3rd Chance Inc / B & G Produce – “Good Food, Good Mood”: $1,433
  • Education Foundation of Blaine County – School Scholarship Support: $1,433
  • National Forest Foundation – Redevelopment of the Penny Lake Youth: $1,433
  • Sun Valley Culinary Institute, Inc – Sun Valley Culinary Institute: $1,433
  • The Spot Sun Valley Inc. – Young Company Musical: $1,433