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The Giving Guide of the Wood River Valley has Gone Digital

By September 28, 2019Press

About The Giving Guide:

“The goal of GIVING GUIDE OF THE WOOD RIVER VALLEY is to build charitable awareness and provide a single resource about our valley’s nonprofit organizations. An inquiring volunteer, potential donor, or business leader now has available a concise platform highlighting the diverse opportunities to make a charitable difference in our community.

GIVING GUIDE OF THE WOOD RIVER VALLEY is a non-commercial guide featuring 501(c)(3) public charities creating a positive influence within the Wood River Valley. This Guide is an informational tool for residents and visitors who are interested in generating a tangible impression of their own.

We invite you to linger over the nonprofits’ profile pages. You will be introduced to new causes and perhaps gain a fresh perspective about organizations with which you are familiar. The selected photographs offer a visual connection with the mission of each nonprofit. The concise text provides exposure to each organization’s unique voice.

If these pages evoke a reaction, we encourage you to become even more acquainted with the organizations by visiting their websites and social platforms. Contact the organizations and begin a new path of experience within our community

GIVING GUIDE OF THE WOOD RIVER VALLEY is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization founded to publish this Guide. Our research discovered seventy-eight Wood River Valley nonprofits that meet the criteria for inclusion in this publication. Sixty-seven responded to our invitation to participate. We are heartened and enthusiastic about the promise that lies ahead for our community.”

The Giving Guide can be viewed here.