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September 2018 News Brief

By September 14, 2018July 1st, 2019Newsletter

A New Grants Cycle, Here We Go!

Future applicants, the deadline is almost here! New application forms for the next grant cycle will be available on our website on October 1st. Non-profits that wish to apply for grants up to $35,000 will be able to do so by completing the application, including the required attachments, on or before Monday, November 12, 2018.

Thanks to the efforts of our Grants Co-Chairs Gina Wolcott, Julie Brewer and Patti Zebrowski, prospective grantees can go to our new, improved website for clear guidelines and forms for submitting their proposals. We are indebted to everyone who worked on these improvements. Thank you!

2018 Grantees in the Spotlight: Projects to Support Mental, Social, and Emotional Health

Three of our currently funded non-profits are carrying out projects to enhance the mental, social, and/or emotional health of Blaine County residents.

$25,000 to Crisis Hotline to expand outreach and increase capacity. 

This 24-hour service is provided by trained volunteers. The grant is supporting the addition of staff to assist with fundraising, teen program development and community outreach. Idaho is in the “suicide belt” with more suicides per capita than other states. The Crisis Hotline receives 500-700 calls per year, showing that many people face a pressing need for someone to talk to in times of crisis.

$25,000 to the Flourish Foundation to increase Mindfulness training and outreach.

Teachers participate in Mindfulness Training with Flourish Foundation staff

“As we approach another school year of supporting personal well-being, benevolent social action and environmental stewardship within our students and teachers in Blaine County, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the generosity of the Wood River Women’s Charitable Foundation. This past week we held our annual two day fall seminar and trained 30 adults who are interested in participating in our education initiatives as interns and eventually paid facilitators. As the demand for this work continues to grow, it is imperative that we continue to build our human resources from the inside out. Again thank you for joining us in inspiring change through transforming the many hearts and minds in our community and beyond. We look forward to another incredible year of programming!

With boundless gratitude,
Ryan Redman, Executive Director, Flourish Foundation
$9,700 to Higher Ground Sun Valley for Family Wellness Swim program.

WRWF members supporting Higher Ground at the summer fundraiser

Higher Ground may be better known for its work with disabled veterans than its work with children with disabilities and their families. This project is a new endeavor, coordinated with the YMCA, to help Blaine County families who have a child with a cognitive or physical disability to recreate as a family through this swim program. Each family learns water safety and drowning prevention; health/wellness issues are addressed; and parents learn additional skills required in special-needs child parenting. After this pilot year, Higher Ground will sustain the program into the future.

Our Enduring Impact: Swiftsure Ranch, 2017 Grantee

Swiftsure Horses in the Wagon Days Parade

Swiftsure’s Therapeutic Riding Program received a grant last year to purchase suitable horses for clients with physical, intellectual, and emotional disabilities. It was also funded this year for equipment to prepare its riding arena. The program was well represented in the Ketchum-Sun Valley Wagon Days Parade over Labor Day weekend.

Member Events

Marcia Kent with prospective new members at the annual meeting in August

September 18th, New Member Orientation Brunch — 10am to noon at the home of Tish Jochums, 129 Quarter Horse Drive, Bellevue Farms. Join in welcoming new members; connect with current members; learn about our committees and board; and celebrate a recent grantee. RSVP by September 14 to Maija /text (206-999-7074). 

October 3rd, Meet & Mingle — 5pm at the Elkhorn Grille, next to the Elkhorn club house in Elkhorn village. Please join this informal social gathering. No fee, no RSVP.

October 15th, Informal Topic Discussion Meeting — 5pm at Ketchum Works on Sun Valley Road. Beth Oppenheimer, state director of the Idaho branch of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, will lead the discussion on how to increase access to high quality preschool education in Blaine County and in Idaho. No fee, no RSVP.

November 8th, Meet & Mingle — 5:00 PM at Konditorei, Sun Valley Village. Please join this informal social gathering. No fee, no RSVP.

December 13th, Winter Social — 5:00 PM at Penny Weiss’s Home, Members & Guests Invited.

Brief Board Notes

Topic Discussions to Begin October 15th 

The WRWF Education Committee will be sponsoring a series of topic-focused discussion for members interested in knowing more about Blaine County and its needs in various areas. The first discussion will be on how our state and county might increase access to high quality preschool education. Beth Oppenheimer, state director of the Idaho branch of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, will lead the discussion.  October 15th (Monday), 5:00 PM, at Ketchum Works on Sun Valley Road.

Please Complete the Member Survey

The Strategic Planning Committee has developed a Member Survey that has already been sent to us by email. The input gained from members will facilitate the board’s Strategic Planning Session, scheduled for January. Strategic planning for our foundation allows us to think forward and envision what we want our organization to be in the years to come. If you have not already done so, click here to respond!

You are Invited, Needed and Appreciated!

Picture yourself here! The communications Committee Team invites you to join us.

Hi there, my name is Lynne MacKenzie (that’s me in the top row, far right!) and I volunteer as the Website Sub-Committee Chair on the WRWF Communications Committee. I invite anyone who may be interested in volunteering in a new area of the WRWF to consider joining the Communications Committee. We are actively looking for new members to our team who would love to participate in producing our communication tools: the Newsbrief, Website, Marketing and Social Media. The Communications Committee is a vital area of the WRWF, we bring information to our members and communicate with our community about what we do as an organization. Bring your writing/editing skills, promotional talent and outreach experience and come join us! Contact our committee chair, Sandy McCullough, at

Closing Message from Peggy Grove, Ph.D., President of WRWF

Some of our best and most valuable activities inherent in WRWF are the social events we enjoy; the camaraderie; the connections. How we enjoy seeing each other at the M & M’s and the Annual Meetings, at the Summer and Winter Socials, and at Apres’ Ski Teas and New Member Orientations, and even as we walk through the streets of our towns. 

Now we are quickly coming to the dates of two of what may be the most imperative aspects of our being members of WRWF – the Grants applications coming in from Non-Profits in the Community in order for us to begin our Grants process, and the new small focus educational talks offered by our Education Committee. 

In ancient times, “grant treaties or covenants have been found in Hittite, Babylonian and Neo-Assyrian texts and most recently in materials from Ras Shamra. They are particularly known from the Babylonian kudurru or boundary stones, texts which cover a period from B.C. 1450 to B.C. 550, i.e., the whole period of Babylonian history during which Boundary-stones were employed for the protection of private property.”*  Not only was property involved in grants from Royals, but grants were also given for the betterment of individuals. So we weren’t the first to think of giving grants to improve our community, but we may be, along with other women’s foundations of today, the most unique in pooling our funds to do so.

The concept of education came long after the development of writing. The first medieval institutions generally considered to be universities were established in Italy, France, and England in the late 11th and the 12th centuries for the study of arts, law, medicine, and theology. However, the University of al-Qarawiyyin located in Fes, Morocco is the oldest existing, continually operating and the first degree awarding educational institution in the world according to UNESCO and Guinness World Records and is sometimes referred to as the oldest university. It was founded by a woman, Fatima al-Fihri, in 859.Now we have our own Education Committee, chaired by Louisa Moats, bringing to WRWF speakers who will inform us not only about ways we can help in educating the young, but also educating ourselves around topics such as philanthropy, local schools, the arts, music, and more.

I’ll see you at our Social Events, in the arena of Grants selections, and now at our new small focus groups!

Peggy Grove, Ph.D.
WRWF President

Peggy Grove, President

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Our Mission Statement

The WRWCF inspires and educates women to become leaders in philanthropy and brings significant, positive change to the community by pooling and distributing its members’ resources.

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Mark Your Calendar:

Thursday, September 18th, 10 to noon
New Member Orientation Brunch
At the home of Tish Jochums
Bellevue Farms
129 Quarter Horse Drive
RSVP by September 14th to Maija Eeerkes:
Or text (206) 999-7040
Guests are always welcome
No charge for this event

Wednesday, October 3rd, 5-6:30pm
Meet & Mingle
Elkhorn Clubhouse Grille
No registration necessary
Guests Welcome

Monday, October 15th 5pm
Topic Discussion: Early Childhood Education
Ketchum Works

Thursday, November 8th 5-6:30
Meet & Mingle
No registration necessary
Guests Welcome

Thursday, December 13th, 5pm
Winter Social
Penny Weiss’s Home


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