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Preparing the Board for Strategic Planning

By November 17, 2018April 29th, 2019Strategic Plan
Good governance practices for non-profit organizations include systematic attention to Strategic Planning, particularly during times of growth. With our exciting increase in membership numbers and a greater opportunity for creating impacts in our community, the WRWF Board stepped up to this ‘best practices’ model and has engaged in a new Strategic Planning process. To begin the process, the board’s first action was to survey the entire WRWF membership and Blaine County Nonprofits, asking for input on how we can improve our already thriving and successful foundation. The response rates were terrific and your feedback was strikingly optimistic. A clear theme that was apparent in both survey responses was that we do important work in the community and, as relationships grow within the WRWF, the overall member and nonprofit experience becomes more rewarding and valuable. The next step is for the board to come together for a full day session focused on strategic planning in early January. The goal is to ‘Think 10 Years Ahead’ and ‘Plan for 2 Years.’ The outcome of this session will be the identification of 3-5 key initiatives with executable goals and actions that will help us manage our growth and engage with our members, Blaine County Nonprofits, and the community at large. Your survey comments and recommendations will inform the board’s thinking as it works to identify and prioritize the key initiatives and develop a 2-year plan that not only focuses on strengthening our internal processes, but also continues to build our culture of collective giving and community as a whole. We look forward to sharing more about the planning work with you in the first quarter 2019 and to further engaging with our membership as we move forward. And another huge thank you for participating in the survey – the time you took to respond will make a meaningful difference in this process. -Terri Bullock, Social Media Chair and Vice President