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Meet Our Leaders

Our Board Members:

At-Large Board Member

Martina Bradford

At-Large Board Member

Terri Bullock

Finance Chair & Treasurer

Trinka Dyer

Governance & Investment Chair, Secretary

Gail Landis

VP of Leadership

LeeAnne Linderman

Grants Co-Chair

Sarah Lurie


Sandy McCullough

Communications Chair

Karissa Price Rico

Education Chair

Jenni Riley

Membership Chair

Dawn Sabo

Jeannie Shroads| Wood River Womens Foundation"| Sun Valley Idaho

At-Large Board Member

Jeannie Shroads

VP of Operations

Dianne Tibbs Johnson

Presidents Council Members:

At-Large Board Member

Terri Bullock

Peggy Grove WRWF IDAHO

Peggy Grove – Chair


Janet DeBard

Barbara Thrasher WRWF IDAHO

Barbara Thrasher

Marcia Leibich WRWF IDAHO

Marcia Liebich

Joanne Wetherell WRWF IDAHO

Joanne Wetherell

Past Presidents:

Left to Right:
  • Terri Bullock
  • Joanne Wetherell
  • Marcia Liebich
  • Peggy Grove
  • Janet DeBard
  • Jo Murray
  • Barbara Thrasher

Founding Members of the Wood River Women’s Foundation:

Ellen Campion
Jeanne Cassell
Penny Coe
Bonni Curran
Cody Curran
Jessie Curran
Janet DeBard
Gale Ellkins
Janis Fulton
Sue Green
Judith Jellinek

Harriet Joseph
Debby Law
Ann Leonardo
Debra Levin
Marcia Liebich
Camille McCray
Willa McLaughlin
Jo Murray
Esther Ochsman
Susan Reinstein
Carol Nie

Pricilla Pittigio
Susan Rhymes
Carol Scheifele-Holmes
Gayle Stevenson
Diana Strandberg
Maggie Sturdevant
Barbara Thrasher
Charlotte Unger
Joanne Wetherell
Maryanne Whitcomb
Melisa Willams

WRWF Administrator:

We are delighted to announce that long-time community member Heidi Marcus has been hired as the new Wood River Women’s Foundation Administrator!

Heidi comes to WRWF with extensive skills, deep experience and strong recommendations. She served in finance and operations at Our Lady of the Snows for 19 years, raised her family in the valley and is deeply engaged in the community. 

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As WRWF Administrator, Heidi will play an integral role in the execution of our day-to-day working processes such as information management and data tracking, bookkeeping, renewal processing, committee support and general office management. She begins her new role at the first of the year and will be available from 9am – 4pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Zions Bank office in Ketchum. She will be training with Christina in December and will be meeting with WRWF committee chairs and attending events to learn more about our work and meet our members. 

Heidi holds a B.A. in Political Science/Economics from Reed College. Her community involvement includes Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation, The Sage School, Hemingway STEAM School, Souper Suppers, The Hunger Coalition, The Wood River Wolf Project. 

We are so impressed with Heidi and are excited to welcome her to the WRWF team; she is equally enthusiastic about jumping in to help us deliver our mission. We’ll be hosting a “Welcome Heidi and Thank You Christina” coffee at the office after the first of the year –  we hope you will come meet Heidi in person and wish Christina much happiness with her growing family!

With WRWF gratitude,

Your Board of Directors