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March 2018 News Brief

By March 24, 2018Newsletter

Welcome and Greetings from Kat Vanden Heuvel, Board Secretary


Kat Vanden Heuvel with Board Member Sandy McCullough

Growing up in the North Woods of Wisconsin, our family had a very rustic cabin where I spent many a starry night. One of the things I absolutely loved was when the fireflies would come out and shine. I thought they were so brilliant I could catch a couple in a jar and read by their light. Well I was wrong on that front, but it does remind me of something I love about the Wood River Women’s Foundation. I am drawn to our members because of your individual ability to shine in different ways and at different times, much like those fireflies. When combined you create an energy that lights up our community and draws people in. My work on the Board as Impact Co-Chair and on the Grants Coordinating Committee has allowed me to meet many of you and learn what makes you shine, and to see the greater impact of our energies combined.

Thank you all for being a light in our community.

It’s Time to Vote on Who Will Be Funded for the Coming Year!

Listening intently as grant applicants make presentations

The most exciting part of our grants cycle is here: The members’ vote! Every voter is important, so please participate.

Note that the ballot is divided into two parts: Part One has the grant requests for over $10,000 and Part Two has the grant requests for $10,000 and under.

In total we have $278,579 in Pooled Grant Funds to award among our finalists. Finalists have requested over $400,300 for the larger and smaller grants combined, so only the top vote getters will be funded.

Many worthy projects are proposed, so please inform your vote by reading the summaries of project proposals available at these links:

If you were unable to attend the live presentations by the applicants on March 6, you can view a video recording of the whole session on-line at:

Grants will be awarded in the two groups, as they always are, to the top vote recipients until we reach a point where the next grant on the list cannot be fully funded. The Grants Coordinating Committee will then make a determination of the value to that nonprofit’s project of awarding the partial portion of the Pooled Fund that is left.

Voting for grant recipients will end April 6th. We plan to announce the winners to our membership on April 10th.

Do You Have Talents to Contribute to the WRWF?

The Wood River Women’s Foundation is constantly evolving and depends on the skills and abilities of its talented members. To help us understand the wealth of experience in the organization, and the ways in which you would be willing to share your skills, we are asking that you fill out a simple six-question survey. This in no way commits you to any actions, roles or committees. This is for WRWF’s Board use only, and the information will not be shared with the membership as a whole or with any entity outside of the membership.

To take the survey go to:

Evaluating the Impact of Our Grants

When grants are funded, we follow their progress. To ensure that funded projects go as planned, the Impact Teams collaborate with grantees and support their efforts. They do this by attending nonprofits’ events as appropriate, making site visits to monitor the progress of the projects, and holding an end-of-year debrief to evaluate the project’s success and its impact on the community.


Winter Education Forum a Resounding Success

President Peggy Grove introducing Lukas Haynes

Attendees at the Winter Education Forum

Over 100 members and guests attended this outstanding presentation by Lucas Haynes, Chair of the David Rockefeller Fund. A text of Mr. Haynes’ remarks can be accessed by clicking here

Next Meet & Mingle, March 29th

Come join new faces and familiar ones at the next Meet and Mingle on Thursday, March 29 from 5:00 – 6:30PM at The Grill at the Knob Hill Inn. No RSVP is required; guests are welcome and encouraged.

Andrea Nelson, Bonnie Corbin Thibodo, Jan Phlipsborn and Jeanne McGinnis enjoy a social event

Brief Notes


  • The Senior Connection won the prize for the 2017 Outstanding Nonprofit of the Wood River Valley. Congratulations to Teresa Lipman and her team of staff and volunteers. WRWF is proud to have awarded the Senior Connection a $25,000 grant in 2017.
  • Our Ketchum Works office space and meeting rooms have seen constant use this month. Thanks again to those who supported this overdue move!
  • We now have 338 members.

WRWF Board enjoys its new meeting space at Ketchum Works

Closing Message from Peggy Grove, Ph.D., President of WRWF

One hundred and twenty-one years ago, women in Idaho were finally granted the right to vote. And now we have a chance to do it again, albeit for a different reason! This one isn’t about political office, but rather about voting for each of our choices of our applicants whom you would like to be awarded your collective grant money for this year. We have combined our funds to make them stronger, and stronger they have become with over $278,579 in pooled funds going to non-profits to make our valley better in every aspect possible.

Philanthropy is a wonderful thing – from those who give it to those who need it. It has been defined as benevolence, generosity, humanitarianism, public-spiritedness, altruism, social conscience, unselfishness, humanity, kindheartedness, and compassion. It is all those things. It is us.

Peggy Grove, Ph.D.
WRWF President

Peggy Grove, President

Foundation Website

Our Mission Statement

The WRWCF inspires and educates women to become leaders in philanthropy and brings significant, positive change to the community by pooling and distributing its members’ resources.

Wood River Womens Foundation

PO Box 3686
Ketchum, ID 83340
Foundation Website

Please note that the old website address will take you to the new website

Mark Your Calendar:

March 29th, 5:00 – 6:30PM
March Meet & Mingle
The Grill at the Knob Hill Inn
960 North Main Street, Ketchum
No registration necessary; guests welcome

April 6th
Deadline for Voting on Grants
Our ballots have been sent to you via email from WRWF/Survey Monkey. Be sure to check your personal email boxes for the ballot to mark. 

Thursday April 19th, 5:00 – 6:30
Meet & Mingle
The Hangout, in the Hotel Ketchum 6th Street between Leadville and Main, Ketchum No registration necessary; guests welcome.

Thursday June 28th, 4:30 – 6:30
A New Member ‘Tini Orientation and Summer Social

In the garden of Nancie Tatum 146 Canyon (off Gimlet),Ketchum Idaho


Welcome New Members

Linda Cohen
Orinada, CA

Mary Fauth
Ketchum, ID

Connie Hoffman
Ketchum, ID

Diane Kneeland
Sun Valley, ID

News Brief Team:

Louisa Moats
Susan Jackson


Judy Cahill
Charlotta Harris