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Lee Pesky Learning Center Launches College Counseling Program

By September 17, 2018Press, Uncategorized
The Weekly Sun – Starting with the current school year, the Lee Pesky Learning Center, based in Boise, will implement a new program to help students with learning and attention difficulties with getting into college. The Lee Pesky Learning Center opened in 1997 to help students with disabilities and the families and schools around them to understand and work with those disabilities, both at home and in the classroom. The new program, launched its “beta” year at Wood River High School in Hailey, was made possible with $7,500 in grant funds from the Wood River Women’s Foundation. The program has three modules, which Millie Reidy, WRHS career college counselor, will use to support students with documented learning and attention disabilities who are interested in pursuing college but need additional support. Approximately 25 high school students will participate in this first year, with focus groups- both with students and parents- and analytics being conducted at the end of the year to assess feedback and performance of the program. Reporter: Hayden Seder, 9/12/18 edition