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Leaning Forward: The WRWF Board’s Strategic Planning Session

By January 17, 2019April 29th, 2019Strategic Plan

You may remember news and information about the WRWF Strategic Planning Process, which began in May 2018, with a Task Force co-chaired by Terri Bullock, WRWF VP and Gail Landis, Governance Committee Chair. Much has been gathered, reviewed, discussed and assimilated since the start of this process. It has been a long and productive journey, and we are pleased to share that our Board of Directors, along with our Presidents’ Council, completed its full day of strategic planning on January 8, facilitated by David Alexander of Alexander Resource Strategies.

During this session, the team reviewed the feedback from both the member and the nonprofit surveys, as well as feedback gathered from small focus sessions, to get a sense of what matters most to those we serve. Once the team was level set, sleeves were rolled up to draft a working plan of initiatives and actions that will be designed and implemented over the next two years. The team wanted to be realistic in their recommendations and what could be achieved, so the term “Thinking 10 Years, Planning 2 Years’, was coined very early on in this process. Given that our Board is made up of volunteers who already commit so much of their time to chairing committees and working on Task Forces, the initiatives needed to be realistic.

The day concluded with two key multi-phased operational initiatives that speak to our Strategic Planning theme of Advancing Mission – Building Sustainability. These two initiatives – WRWF Leadership Development Program and WRWF Standards of Governance and Operations, will help us continue to do the good work around our Mission while building an operational foundation that will support our rapid growth and ensure our sustainability for years to come.
Our anticipated next steps will be to present the strategic plan to the Board for final adoption and to develop a communications plan that will be shared with our membership and our community. Stay tuned as our plan takes shape!

-Terri Bullock, Vice President, WRWF
-Gail Landis, Governance Chair

Stragegic Planning WRWF Idaho
Members working hard during the 2019 Strategic Planning Session
WRWF Vice President Terri Bullock and David Alexander of Alexander Resource Strategies