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Knowing Our Community: Blaine County Schools

By July 20, 2020Education

Our school district is one of the largest year-round employers in the county, with over 500 staff. We have three elementary schools: Alturas for Woodside, Bellevue and Hailey, Hemingway STEAM School for Ketchum (PK-8), Carey public school (PK-12), Wood River Middle School (in Hailey), and two high schools, Wood River and Silver Creek, both in Hailey.

Of approximately 3400 students, close to half (47%) are children of color, including 43% of Hispanic origin. More than a quarter of all students (28%) qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. Last year there were 92 students who qualified as homeless. In grades K-3, 66% of students were proficient in literacy, according to the Idaho Reading Indicator, with 45% of Hispanic students and 83% of Non-Hispanic, or White students demonstrating proficiency.
The graduation rate is 87% overall, with 79.4% of Hispanic students and 92.7% of non-Hispanic students graduating from high school.