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June 2018 News Brief

By June 21, 2018May 27th, 2022Newsletter

Welcome and Greetings from Terri LeFaivre, WRWF Board Member

Nancie Tatum and Terri LeFaivre hosting a Meeting & Mingle in May

As we usher in one of our Valley’s high seasons, our Snow Bird Members return, and the rest of us welcome our friends and relatives. In the spirit of celebration, our Foundation is planning a number of social events. While we are not a social organization and our mission statement never mentions socials, these gatherings are perhaps our magic impetus for growth.

New members have told us that after attending a Meet and Mingle, an Orientation or one of our social gatherings, they were inspired to join our collaborative giving efforts. The exuberance and warmth of the members they came to know – along with their desire to join hands with other philanthropically-minded women in making a difference in our community – inspired them to make their commitment.

So as summer returns to the Valley, the sheep will be in their protected pastures grazing peacefully, the Bloom Truck will be making its rounds, the YMCA will be tutoring scholars, trails will be improved and extended, playgrounds will ring with laughter and the hills will be alive with music. Take a bow Members! You helped to make all this happen.

I hope you will join us for our fifth Summer Social and New Member ‘Tini Orientation on June 28. Also, save August 8th for our Annual Meeting and Luncheon where we celebrate our 2018 Grant Awardees. See you there!

Terri LeFaivre, Co-Chair, Membership Committee

Grantee in the Spotlight: The Community Library

Jenny, Peggy Grove, and Marcia Liebich attend a reception at the historic Hemingway House in Ketchum

The WRWF grant to provide updated audiovisual equipment in The Community Library’s Lecture Hall was recently amplified by a matching grant from Teresa Heinz and the Heinz Family Foundation, moving the project forward swiftly this summer! While the Library is reinvigorating – re-imagining, even – its whole 42 year old building, it also has become the steward of a historic home of international significance: the Ernest Hemingway House and Preserve. The Library is focused on a program of historic preservation and education at the house, and will be initiating a writer-in-residence program there in the next year.

–Jenny Emery-Davidson, Executive Director, Community Library

Meet Christina Bauer, Our New Executive Assistant

Not only do we now have a functioning office at Ketchum Works, we are also welcoming Christina Bauer as our part-time Executive Assistant who will assume some of the many responsibilities carried by Lucia Nelson for the past few years. Lucia is guiding her in the techniques of posting the News Brief and Terri Bullock is working with her on learning our Google Drive systems.

Christina writes, “My background is in psychology and I received a Master’s degree from Lewis & Clark Graduate School in 2015. I enjoy problem solving and learning new skills.


Joyce Fabre, Sarah Michael, and Courtney

Jelaco Bonnie Thibodo, G.G. Luke, and Heather Burnett

At our May Meet & Mingle at Ketchum Works, current and new members enjoyed relaxed time together and became familiar with our new meeting spaces.
June 28th, Summer Social and New Member ‘Tini Party

New members, current members, and guests, you are invited to join us on from 4:30-6:30 PM in Nancie Tatum’s garden for a combined event — our Summer Social gathering and new member ‘Tini Orientation. We will give a special welcome to new members, thank our departing Board members, and hear from at least one of the non-profits about the impact of our grant. RSVP by June 21, 2018 to Maija Eerkes ( and go to our website for additional details. There is no charge for this event.

August 8th, Celebration of Grant Recipients and Annual Meeting

Put this one on your calendar now! We will hold our annual membership meeting and celebrate our current grant recipients under the big tent at Trail Creek Cabin at mid-day on August 8th. Registration and a champagne reception will begin at 11:00 AM. The luncheon and awards ceremony will begin promptly at 12:00 and end at 1:30. This is always an inspiring and happy occasion, so please join us. You may bring guests if they are pre-registered.

Invitations will be sent to you via email on July 2nd. You must RSVP for yourself and your guests no later than August 4th so that we can anticipate how many people will be seated for lunch. The cost of this event is $35.00, to be paid at the time of registration. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Brief Board Notes

  • The survey of members’ skills is still live on the internet. If you have not completed it, please consider taking a few moments to take the survey at:
  • We are now at 345 members, thanks to the interactive experiences our membership committee offers to us.
  • Several task forces and board committees are hard at work evaluating and reorganizing our communications strategy, the possibility of sponsorship support, the management of our finances, the grant-making process, and other matters critical to smooth operation of our non-profit. We are fortunate to have hard-working, informed and talented Board members who make all this happen.

Closing Message from Peggy Grove, Ph.D., President of WRWF

Jenni Riley and Jenni Simpson of Ketchum Works, with Peggy at the May M & M

As those of us who live in the Wood River Valley look forward to and begin our celebration of the coming summer season, I am reminded of more ancient cultures who have observed and celebrated much as we do. The Inti Raymi and We Tripantu are Inca and Mapuche festivals from the southern hemisphere where the lengthening sun is feted on the solstice with wonderful, colorful, and heartfelt celebrations. Every culture, from the ancient to the modern, has had their observances. In Northern Europe, bonfires burned brightly during the solstice.

The ancient Greeks and Romans stood in awe of the strength of the sun. Even the word “solstice” is derived from the Latin words sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still). Traditionally, in old Europe, the midsummer’s celebration was called Klidonas (Κλήδονας), meaning sign or oracle, and was considered a time when unmarried girls would discover their potential mates through a ritual. Shakespeare acclaimed the momentous experience when the sun reached its highest altitude of the year on the summer solstice, an occasion made famous in his play. This is when the colloquial term “midsummer” became contemporary terminology.

Our “midsummer” commences when the Wood River Women’s Foundation marks the celebration of our sun season with two major events – our Summer Social & New Member ’Tini Orientation AND our Grant Recipients Celebration & Annual Meeting. These events, planned by our Membership Committee, Events Committee, and our Grants Committee, will take place in nature, in the gardens of a member and on the grassy lawn along our valley’s Trail Creek, and hopefully, when the sun is fully shining. So, come outside and join us! Our celebrations are about to begin.

Peggy Grove, Ph.D.
WRWF President

Peggy Grove, President

Foundation Website

Our Mission Statement

The WRWCF inspires and educates women to become leaders in philanthropy and brings significant, positive change to the community by pooling and distributing its members’ resources.

PO Box 3686
Ketchum, ID 83340
(208) 309-2530
Foundation Website

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Mark Your Calendar:

Thursday, June 28th 4:30-6:30pm
New Member ‘Tini Orientation and Summer Social
In the garden of Nancie Tatum
146 Canyon (off Gimlet), Ketchum, ID
RSVP by June 21, 2018 to Maija Eerkes
No charge for this event

Wednesday, August 8th, 11 – 11:30
Celebration of Grants Recipients and Annual Meeting Luncheon
Trail Creek Cabin Big Tent
Champagne Reception and Music on the Lawn
Pre-registration and $35.00 Payment Required
Reservations open July 2nd


Welcome New Members

Greta Hansen
Sun Valley, ID

Debbie Mahan
Ketchum, ID

Trish Oliver
Ketchum, ID

News Brief Team:

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