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June 2016

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President’s Message

June 2016 News Brief
President’s Message

Dear Members,

Several years ago, Jo Murray, one of our WRWF founders, and I began to think of ways to communicate with our members in a timely manner. Thus our first WRWF Facebook presence was created. From that early start, we have grown immensely in our understanding of the impact and need for social media. Our social media committee members, Judy Cahill and Leslie Silva, now post at least daily on Facebook. Leslie is also fine-tuning our newly designed web site with video postings. Charlotta Harris is using Instagram and Twitter to convey events and important information to and from our members. As social media committee member Jo Murray says in this news brief article, “Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter help us get to know each other and keep in touch informally. They also let us quickly share articles about national trends involving women and philanthropy.”

Communication. It is one of the attributes that makes being human so delightful — and to be able to communicate in so many different ways also keeps us up to date in our constantly changing world.

Joanne Wetherell
WRWF President 



Social Media Team: Clockwise, Leslie Silva, Charlotta Harris, Judy Cahill, and WRWF Facebook founder, Jo Murray

Meet Your Fellow Members on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter

Why the social media committee? Social media fuel spontaneous conversations that lead to new ideas – in formal chats like those that led to the formation of the WRWF.

“With almost 300 members, it’s impractical to chat with everyone individually to discover our common interests,” social media committee member Jo Murray said. “Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter help us get to know each other and keep in touch informally. They also let us quickly share articles about national trends involving women and philanthropy.”

“Meetings happen, but it seems the best ideas come when we are relaxed and together during our foundation’s social gatherings,” Leslie Silva, board member and social media committee member, said. “Then, someone mentions an idea, we all get caught up in it, and more ideas come about. We definitely feed off one another, and it’s really fun!”

“I’m a relatively new WRWF member, and joined the social team both to learn more and to add more to the information about us,” said Charlotta Harris, who started the Instagram postings. “We have so many members and friends who live here part-time. With the social media choices, we can easily follow each other.”

Charlotta Harris and Judy Cahill

Our two Social Media photographers, Charlotta Harris and Judy Cahill

Our members are dedicated, talented, passionate, and inspirational women,” Judy Cahill added. “I chose to be on the social media committee, and specifically head up our Facebook page, because I want our entire Wood River Valley to know who these women are, to see us in action, and to know what needs we are fulfilling in the hopes that they too might be inspired to join us in our efforts.”

2016-17 GRANTEES in the ARTS

sun valley summer symphonySun Valley Summer Symphony School of Music, Elementary Strings Instrument Bank Project, $10,000

Aspiring string players at the SVSS summer music school

The education arm of the Sun Valley Summer Symphony includes three programs: the year-round School of Music; the Summer Music Workshops; and the Adult Education Program. The School of Music serves over 200 students in its core, developmental and outreach programs and an additional 3000 students during periodic residencies with visiting artists. Summer Music Workshops annually host over 300 students in its summer program.

The Instrument Bank Project will place instruments in the hands of any student in grades 4-5 who has a desire to learn to play the violin, viola or cello regardless of financial status. The project will introduce a more diverse population of students to instrumental music and encourage them to remain in music programs long enough to realize their full potential.

The WRWF grant will enable the Sun Valley Summer Symphony to pursue this long time dream, to benefit young, aspiring musicians throughout the Wood River Valley, and bring it to fruition. Offering students of a diverse demographic access to instrumental music instruction builds relationships based on the common bond of music and also contributes to increased confidence and self-esteem. The WRWF grant will have a profound effect on the students who will be the recipients of these musical instruments.

The Sun Valley Summer Symphony extends its most sincere gratitude to the members of the Wood River Women’s Foundation for your support of the School of Music Elementary Strings Program Instrument Bank Project.

–Carol O’Loughlin, Development Director, SVSS


nexStage Theatre, Drama Education Programs, $3,100

The nexStage Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization that has enriched Blaine County with a permanent theatre in Ketchum offering quality performances of music, dance and theater. NexStage helps to underwrite non-profit community events and offers year-round educational performing arts classes for the families of Southern Idaho, where opportunities in dramatic arts education have been limited in the past. The grant from the WRWF will expand our drama education offerings and scholarship opportunities for all children in the Blaine County Schools.

We are very grateful to the WRWF for its support of our program! We hope to see you at one of the productions or performances involving young talent nurtured with these funds.

–Kathy Wygle, Managing Director


MEMBERS IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Jan Philipsborn, Volunteer Ombudsman

Jan PhilipsbornJan started visiting Sun Valley annually over 50 years ago. Her professional career included being one of the first female traders of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, followed by work in Investor Relations with a NYSE listed company. Then, in one career shift, she became a food tester and taster for Kraft. And recently, in another career shift, she has become an advocate for the aging.

Jan moved to Sun Valley as a full time resident in 2012. She decided at that point to get involved in a “hands on” way in a job that would benefit the community. She volunteered to be trained and licensed as an ombudsman for the Office on Aging of the State of Idaho. In this role, Jan now visits the nursing and assisted living facilities in Blaine County to investigate conditions and serve as an advocate for the residents, who are often not able to advocate for themselves. She also mediates disputes between residents and the homes, and educates the residents about their rights. Asked to reflect on the best part of this work, Jan responded, “Making a difference in the quality of so many lives!”


Membership Events

Happy gathering at the May Meet & Mingle

Please join us at the next ‘Tini Party for new members on June 23rd.  Guests are invited! There will be speakers and an orientation for those who are attending. And don’t forget the summer social on July 6th.


President’s Closing Statement

In this issue we have featured two of our new grantees who communicate through music and drama. The Sun Valley Summer Symphony Strings program and the nexStage Theatre drama education are this year’s grant recipients in the category of Arts in the Valley. We are pleased that we can, through our funding, help the youth of our Valley to communicate, flourish and grow.

Joanne Wetherell

Joanne Wetherell

Joanne Wetherell, President

Our Mission Statement

The WRWCF inspires and educates women to become leaders in philanthropy and brings significant, positive change to the community by pooling and distributing its members’ resources.

Wood River Womens Foundation

PO Box 3686
Ketchum, ID 83340

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Mark Your Calendar:

Thursday, June 23rd
5:00 – 6:30 PM
Jennifer Badish’s home

“Tini” Party: New member orientation and welcome.

Wednesday, July 6th
5:30 – 7:00 PM
Anita Weisberg’s home, 25 Greenhorn Gulch, Hailey

$25.00 Register On-Line
Summer Social

Tuesday, August 2nd
11:30 – 2:00, Carol’s Dollar Mountain Lodge
Members Only
$35.00, Register on line

RSVP, as seeting is limited!
Annual Meeting

Welcome New Members

Terri Bullock
217 E. Gulch Road
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Liz Keegan
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News Brief Team:

Judy Cahill

Janet DeBard 

Peggy Grove 

Louisa Moats