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July 2016

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President’s Message

July 2016 News Brief
President’s Message

Dear Members,

August in Sun Valley is one of the most exciting months of the year. For us as well, the Annual Meeting and Grantee Awards Luncheon takes place on August 2nd at Carol’s Dollar Lodge. This event is the culmination of a year of grantees sending in their applications, grants teams making site visits, the grants committees selecting the finalists, and finally, our members voting on those non-profit projects. Join us at the luncheon to applaud the women who are retiring from the Board, and meet the new WRWF Board Members for 2016/2017. Hear and see presentations from our past recipients to learn what our funding has helped them achieve, and congratulate our newest grantees. See you there.

Joanne Wetherell
WRWF President

FEATURE: The Events Committee Gets Us Together

events committee WRWF

The WRWF Events Committee, left to right: Cheri Watson, Barbara Thrasher, Marie Gallo Franck, Debra Levin (Chair)

The events committee has been an integral part of the WRWF since its inception. Its goal is to organize and help execute four events each year: the educational event in the winter, organized with the education committee; the summer social in July, at a beautiful house of one of our members; our annual meeting in August; and another social event in December. In support of our mission – to inspire and educate women to become leaders in philanthropy, and to bring significant, positive change to the community by pooling and distributing its members’ resources – these events help our members to socialize with each other and to meet women with similar interests.

Debra Levin, Chair, remarks that the event planning process is enjoyable for all involved. Barbara Thrasher notes that the meetings the committee holds in the most elegant homes in the valley are the highlight of the social calendar. Anyone who has ever attended an event agrees!

2016-17 GRANTEE SPOTLIGHT: The Environmental Resource Center, Pesticide Action Project, $10,000


Alternative method for doing away with noxious weeds....

Alternative method for doing away with noxious weeds….

Last month, we featured our two grantees in the arts, and this month, we highlight our single grantee in the category of the Environment.
In March 2014, the ERC joined forces with the Pesticide Action Network of Blaine County (PAN BC), the local citizens coalition advocating for changes to weed control policies to protect kids and the community. In 2011, PAN BC worked with the City of Ketchum and local citizens to pass Idaho’s first municipal Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policy, which focuses on using methods such as mechanical control, biological controls, prevention strategies and other non-chemical methods to control weeds and other pests, with the use of toxic chemicals as a last resort.

Hadley DeBree, Executive Director, writes, “The Environmental Resource Center (ERC) is grateful to the Wood River Women’s Foundation for their very generous support of our Pesticide Action program. This grant will allow us to continue our efforts in reducing the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers in the Wood River Valley. Through this program, the ERC is committed to creating a healthier community and environment now and into the future. The ERC is a small, local non-profit with a big impact in Blaine County and so our work would not be possible without the passion and support of groups such as the Wood River Women’s Foundation. Our work will continue to grow and expand into next year, largely because of you! “

MEMBER IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Terri LeFaivre, Volunteer Extraordinaire 

Terri LeFaivre
St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center could not run without at least ten thousand hours of volunteer help every year. Terri LeFaivre herself has logged in more than 2, 461 hours over her lifetime. Named Volunteer of the Year by the St. Luke’s board, Terri was recently honored for service that included five years on the board and two years managing the hospital gift shop.

Terri writes, “We, the Sun Valley community, are very lucky to have St. Luke’s Medical Center. I joined the St. Luke’s Volunteer Core Board in November of 2011. A former neighbor recruited me. I joined to work in the St. Luke’s Gift Shop, called Retail Therapy, for which I trained. Although I liked working in the Gift Shop, the Board needed a Treasurer and when they had trouble finding one, I volunteered for that position and did that for two years. In 2014, the Gift Shop Chairman decided to leave the Board and that position became available. So, I stepped in! There are two advantages to running a gift shop: I like to shop and buy things and as Manager, I am not spending my or my husband’s money! The other reason to manage the gift shop is to honor a friend who died from ovarian cancer.”

Congratulations, Terri, on your well-deserved honor!


Courtney Love, Ann Taylor, Melanie Hodge and Mary Ann Pinkerton

Courtney Love, Ann Taylor, Melanie Hodge and Mary Ann Pinkerton

Sheila Mells, Marie Gallo and Kathleen Eder

Sheila Mells, Marie Gallo and Kathleen Eder

Dozens of members gathered on July 6th at Anita Weisberg’s lovely home for the annual Summer Social.


Wildflower hikers, courtsey of Judy Cahill

Wildflower hikers, courtsey of Judy Cahill

ALERT! You Can Renew Your Membership This Summer!

If you’ve been a member of WRWF for a while, you’ve probably realized that our membership renewal has had an annual deadline of December 15th. Our funds are held by The Idaho Community Foundation and are available for distribution to our grantees after a six-month period. This cycle has enabled us to grant our funds in the summer at the Annual Meeting of WRWF.

The winter holiday season in the Valley is a busy time for everyone, including the dedicated volunteers at WRWF, who process the 280+ renewal checks, handle the bookkeeping, and send reminder notices to those members who may have forgotten that the deadline is closing in.

So… true to our commitment to ease and efficiency, we are enhancing the process for summer renewal. Here’s how simple it can be: Attend the annual luncheon on August 2nd and bring your checkbook, Mastercard, or Visa. We’ll have a membership table set up and, voila! — you can renew on the spot! The membership committee will be available to answer questions about the renewal process. And, if paying later in the calendar year is still your preference, you can certainly do that. Dues will not be delinquent until after December 15th.

Think of the extra time you will have to shop in December, without having WRWF renewal on your to-do list! –Barbara Thrasher

President’s Closing Statement 

While attending the Annual luncheon, you may sign up for committees such as the Events Committee which makes occasions such as this so very special for us to attend, or the Membership Committee which celebrates all of our members in many extraordinary ways. And don’t forget the Grants Committee, hard working and research oriented, helping to choose our grant recipients. We hope you will be involved in any way feasible. See you soon.

Joanne Wetherell

Joanne Wetherell

Joanne Wetherell, President

Our Mission Statement

The WRWCF inspires and educates women to become leaders in philanthropy and brings significant, positive change to the community by pooling and distributing its members’ resources.

Wood River Womens Foundation

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