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Senior Connection Grant is a “Strategic Changer” by WRWF

By March 27, 2019Press
Story and photos by Karen Bossick- Eye on Sun Valley It’s not particularly sexy. And, so far at least, it hasn’t attracted the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio. But the new wheelchair- and caregiver-friendly bathroom at The Senior Connection in Hailey is getting a workout—even from passersby. Teresa Beahen Lipman thanked the Wood River Women’s Foundation last week for their $25,000 contribution that made the bathroom a reality. Lipman said the seniors were able to repurpose an underutilized space to build the bathroom next to the dining hall. The bathroom is big enough that one person can assist a person in a wheelchair. There are grab bars and a higher toilet seat. There is also a shower. “We have couples who stop at the Senior Connection to use it when they’re out and about because they can’t use conventional bathrooms, and they know they’re welcome to use that bathroom,” Lipman said. “Using public bathrooms can be physically and emotionally challenging for some people. You gave us and our seniors a bathroom that was much needed.” Beahen addressed the WRWF at one of its new members get-togethers held at Gail Severn Gallery. She noted that The Senior Connection also was the beneficiary of a $25,000 grant for a wheelchair-accessible transit van a couple years ago. Continue reading…