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Over the past two years, our Grants Committee leadership and dozens of team members have taken a deep dive into evaluating our grant making process. Their work included collecting and discussing member input, researching best-practices for collective giving, examining funding impacts, identifying community needs and more.

In large part these efforts were initiated by results from WRWF’s most recent member survey conducted in 2018, in which members made a few things clear:

  • 78% support the idea of multi-year grants
  • 60% support large scale grants (more than $50,000)
  • 80% support or are open to the idea of making grants to fund a pressing community need
  • 87% support sustainability grants

One of the resulting policy changes proposed by the team and approved by the Board, combines these elements into one new initiative: a multi-year, large scale grant that will focus on an area of pressing community need.

Beginning in the 2022 grant cycle, WRWF is awarding one issue-based, two-year grant of $200,000. Investing $100,000 per year for two years in an area of acute and persistent need in Blaine County to “move the needle” at a level we have yet to achieve. This is an exciting new opportunity for WRWF.

A Task Force* was formed to (1) study potential areas of focus for this grant, and (2) recommend an implementation process to include a vote of the membership on both the area of focus as well as the final grant award. In April 2021, the WRWF membership selected “Closing the Opportunity Gap in Education” as its first-ever Focus Grant topic.

*Focus Grant Task Force chaired by Louisa Moats, Board Member and Education Committee Chair. The Focus Grant Task Force included: Trinka Dyer, Laura Midgely, Susan Passavoy, Kit Wright, and Lillian Wu.

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