Eligibility Criteria

The WRWF is committed to affording each applying nonprofit an equal opportunity. 

Review the following eligibility requirements to be sure that both your organization and your proposal meet the criteria for a grant from WRWF.

Consult the Grant FAQ's section for more guidance.
Organizations eligible to apply for the grant must be: 
  • Organization must be 501(c)3 under IRS
  • Organization may not discriminate on the basis of age, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, sexual orientation and political or religious belief
  • Organization does not serve exclusively sectarian purposes
  • Application for endowments, capital campaigns or projects outside Blaine County are not considered
  • Applications from organizations which receive a grant from WRWF in both of the two immediately preceding grant cycles will not be considered
For collaborative grants involving two or more organizations, please submit just one application. Each organization involved may request up to the maximum $25,000.
Please make note of our criteria for funding and how your proposed project addresses one or more of the following:
  • Capacity building and sustainability: providing your organization with building blocks to support your mission
  • Addressing a critical community need in Blaine County
  • Developing new ventures
  • Creating new approaches to persistent problems
  • Overall enrichment of the community
Other important considerations:
  • We encourage collaborations and forging partnerships among agencies toward common goals. To this end, we welcome joint projects.
  • If this will be a new project, consider how its implementation will impact existing demands on your agency’s budget and staff time. Will it replace an existing program? if it is to be ongoing and in addition to existing programs, how will funding be sought to continue beyond the term of the grant?
  • WRWF will consider ongoing support of programs. Pilot programs and projects begun in one year may very well be considered for ongoing support in a subsequent year.
  • When working on your project budget, be sure to consider both direct project costs and the indirect costs of overhead and administration.
  • Would a grant from WRWF help you leverage additional financial support?
Applicants should:
  • Propose the use of  WRWF grant for programs, services, necessary infrastructure, or other initiatives that support the organization’s core mission.
  • Have a mission and programs or services that focus on one of these areas:
    • ARTS: cultural programs, participation in the arts, art education
    • EDUCATION: educational opportunities for children and/or adults
    • ENVIRONMENT: improvement, preservation, revitalization or awareness of public spaces, facilities, or natural resources
    • RECREATION: strengthening and enhancing the lives of children and families through physical activity
    • SOCIAL SERVICES: improvement of people’s mental and/or physical well-being
  • Submit a proposal budget of at least $5,000 and up to $25,000
  • Propose to expend funds within 12 months
Grants will not be provided for:
  • Activities that are religious or political in nature
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