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$160,000 Awarded at out Annual Meeting

Janet DeBard, President, welcomed over 100 members attending our 9th Annual Meeting at the Valley Club.  Our business meeting was conducted prior to the Annual Meeting, allowing for an upbeat lively celebration of gifting –  $1,233,000 in pooled & member-designated giving has been awarded in our nine years of gifting.

Our membership has grown dramatically – 52 members in the past year, for a total of 230 members.  Membership Chair, Dede Huish, gave an overview of the successful new member increase and how this will affect our community gifting. We also have greater member participation, with a quarter of our members contributing their time & talent in committee involvement.

We have introduced new ways to reach our community – updated our website; introduced Facebook & Twitter; created an informative Brochure; began an on-line monthly News Brief that keeps members engaged; and we now use live-streaming of Grants Finalist Presentations to inform all members.

Outgoing Board Members – Barbara Thrasher, Marcia Liebich & Kathie Levision were lauded for their outstanding work in the creation and growth of WRWCF.

Joanne Wetherall, Kathie Levison, Barbara Thrasher
Photo – Marybeth Flower

New Board Members – Lynne Heidel, Elizabeth Mathieu, & Peggy Grove were then introduced.  They have already embraced their positions on the Board!

Gail Wilkie, Impact Chair, summarized our newly formed Impact program and stressed the importance of this connection we now have with our Grantee’s.

Inspirational presentations were given by three of last year’s grantees:  Ryan Redman of Flourish; Kathryn Nosworthy of Planned Parenthood; & Heidi Cook of the Advocates introduced two of their Young Leadership Program participants.*

* for further reading on the topics mentioned by these three grantees, please click the link for “Recommended Readings” by Alice Calvert.

Advocates Young Leaders
Photo by Marybeth Flower

Lastly, the spotlight went to the grantees for 2014.  The Executive Grants Committee:  Peggy Goldwyn, Lynne Heidel, and Charlotte Unger together recognized the 10 grantees.  Peggy stated  “The $160,000 definitely seems to have a theme of specifically supporting the younger members of our community – which, of course, will benefit all of us far into the future.”  With that the grantees were each recognized.  Please go to the website ( for a full listing of this years grantees programs.

2014 Grantees
Photo by Marybeth Flower

Ellie Davis of ICF Honored at Annual Meeting

Words of thanks and praise for the Wood River Valley and our organization from Ellie Davis of the Idaho Community Foundation:

“I cannot tell you how surprised and pleased and honored I was to be recognized at your event on Thursday…Your event is one of my favorites because it reminds me what power there is in fostering collaboration between sincere philanthropists and hardworking nonprofits. I work with a lot of communities, and the Wood River Valley is truly the shining example of community-wide dedication to improving life for everyone in that community.  Everyone is committed.  Being even a small part of that effort is gratifying beyond words; I am privileged to help in any way I am able.”

“That is why it was such an honor to be recognized.  I am personally such a supporter of everything that you do that your recognition of my tiny part of all of it was beyond expectation.”

Ellie Davis, Donor Relations Officer
Idaho Community Foundation

The New WRWCF Board for 2014/2015
The Annual Meeting was the first gathering for members of the Board of Directors starting their new term. The Board of Directors would like to encourage any current members of the organization who are interested in advancing the mission of the WRWCF and who have served on a committee to apply for service on the Board of Directors by completing a Board Application. Contact Governance Chair Elizabeth Mathieu @ for more information about becoming an active member of the Board of Directors.

WRWCF Board of Directors
Photo by Marybeth Flower

Front Row Seated from left: Joanne Wetherell –Vice President, Janet DeBard – President, Andrea Pierceall – Secretary
Back Row Standing from left: Esther Ochsman, Peggy Grove, Charlotte Unger, Gail Wilkie, Elizabeth Mathieu, Lynn Heidel, Dede Huish, Debra Levin
Board Members not in attendance: Peggy Goldwyn, Sara Nelson, Carol Scheifele-Holmes

Summer Social ~ Art and Conversation

Our WRWCF Annual Summer Social was held at the home of Lesley Andrus in Greenhorn Gulch on July 15th and overflowed with art appreciation and conversation. We were welcomed by President Janet DeBard, toured the home and the amazing art collection with Lesley Andrus, and encouraged new members and mentors to sign up for rewarding experiences. Here Ruth Lieder and Lesley Andrus stand in front of one of Lesley’s unusual art installations in her home.

Ruth Lieder and Lesley Andrus
Photo by Peggy Grove

Our Membership Committee Invites You to Brunch!

Dede Huish, membership chair, along with the membership committee of WRWCF invites you to a brunch as a special welcome to our new members.  Join us this fall to become better acquainted and to learn more about the WRWCF.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
at the home of Sheila Mells
113 Pioneer Mountain Drive,
East Fork

Feel free to invite friends who might be interested in hearing about the WRWCF.

RSVP by September 1st to either Dede Huish (831) or Sheila Mells (208)788-4834

We’ll be taking a photo of the new members at this brunch, so please bring your smiles!

What a celebratory month – welcoming new members and toasting a year of accomplishments!  Thank you for your participation!

Janet DeBard                     

 Janet DeBard

Our Mission Statement

The WRWF inspires and educates women to become leaders in philanthropy and brings significant, positive change to the community by pooling and distributing its members’ resources.

Screenshot 2015-02-26 11.02.21

PO Box 3686
Ketchum, ID 83340

Please Welcome New Members

Judy Cahill
PO Box 309
Ketchum ID 83340

Joyce Hart
PO Box 10170
Ketchum ID 83340

Jeanne Landreth
5458 Quail Meadows Drive
Carmel CA 93923

Rebecca Michael
PO Box 1819
Ketchum ID 83340

Fan Moberg
PO Box 855
Hailey ID 83333

Kate Rosso
215 E Galena St
Hailey ID 83333

Nina Rothstein
3201 NE 183st #903
Ventura FL 33160
Melinda Springs
121 Punkin Center Rd
Bellevue ID 83313

Marcela Stoddard
551 Chestnut Loop
Bellevue ID 83313

Mark Your Calendar:

New Member Brunch
Sheila Mells host
113 Pioneer Mountain Drive
East Fork
Wednesday, September 10
10:00 – 11:30 AM