Application Process

We have anOnline Application process for ALL proposals.

By September 1st each year, deadlines and dates for the upcoming grant cycle are posted to the Important Dates page in this section.

For additional information about the On-Line application process, please check out Slide Rooms Step by Step process on how to complete an application.

Important Dates:

  • Online Application Opens (Monday, November 2, 2020) Notice will be placed in the newspaper.
  • Applications Due (Tuesday, December 1, 2020) Applications are due from nonprofits. Grants Coordinating Committee (“GCC”) will review the applications to verify all forms are completed correctly and meet the 501c3 requirements. Once the applications are reviewed and corrected, if necessary, the applications will be sent to the 14 members of the Application Review Committee (ARC = GCC plus 10 subcommittee chairs) for review. ARC members will have approximately 4 weeks to review all of the applications.
  • Application Review (January, 2021) The ARC meets to discuss all of the applications and narrow the applications that best meet the WRWF criteria. The funds available will also be taken into consideration. The nonprofits that have made the cut will be notified and told they will be contacted to arrange a site visit.
  • Committee Review and Site Visit (Mid January to Mid February) Applications will be forwarded to the subcommittees for review and they will schedule site visits.
  • Selection of Finalist (February, 2021) Subcommittees review and evaluate applications and perform site visits. Grant volunteers meet the end of February and determine which applicants will be asked to make a final presentation.
  • Finalist Presentation (March, 2021) All finalist present their projects to the full membership. Ballots are emailed to the full membership.
  • Voting Ballot (March, 2021) Ballot deadline.
  • Select Grantees (April, 2021) Upon summarizing the ballot count, nonprofits will be notified if their application will be awarded a grant.
  • Award Grant (July 1, 2021) Grantees receive their funds.
  • Payment of Grants Prior to the release of funds to the grantee, the recipient must complete a Grant Agreement
  • Reports and Evaluation Grantees must submit periodic reports to WRWF as specified in the Grant Agreement.
  • Impact Team Grantee will be assigned an Impact Team at the outset of the grant year in July. Final Impact reports¬†will be submitted to WRWF upon completion of the project
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