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Advancing Mission – Building Sustainability

By June 13, 2019July 8th, 2019Strategic Plan

Advancing Mission – Building Sustainability
Strategic Plan Progress Update: Sub-committee volunteers ready for action
Last month, the sub-committee team leaders were announced. Over the past few weeks they organized their respective teams and are now ready to dive into their work. Here are the three teams – a huge “Thank you!” to each and every one for volunteering to roll up her sleeves!

Initiative #1: Leadership Development, led by Kat Vanden Heuvel

Esther Ochsman
Gayle Stevenson
Kit Wright

Initiative #2: Governance Standards, led by Gail Landis

Jane Conard
Kathy Edwards
Kimberly Ellwanger
Kathryn Hulbert
Christine Kraatz
LeeAnne Linderman

Initiative #3: Operational Standards, led by Carrie Morrow

Pam Colesworthy
Maija Eerkes
Sandra Flattery
Jana Foushee
Susan Larson
Lisa Leach
Lynne Mackenzie
Lauren Wagner

Updates on the Strategic Plan work will be shared monthly through the News Brief and periodically via email. Please reach out to the Steering Committee if you have any questions.