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Advancing Mission, Building Sustainability: Strategic Plan Update

By July 31, 2019Strategic Plan
Our incoming Board Chair, Terri Bullock, recently shared an analogy that came to mind while she was visiting family on the Washington Coast. “Let’s say I decided to build a beach house, and constructed it on the sand rather than on pillars or a foundation. Since the main purpose of a foundation is to hold the house upright for years so that it can weather a variety of conditions, my house would never be sustainable if it were built on sand. By analogy, the WRWF is our house, and its strength and longevity rests on the pillars of its foundation. This is the important Building Sustainability piece of our Strategic Plan. We rely on this organizational structure to establish and implement policies, collect and document the knowledge of our founders who have worked tirelessly to grow our organization, ensure our financial health, develop disciplined and focused board leadership, and create a culture of continuous learning. Strengthening the ‘foundation of our foundation’ will assure our mission is sustainable for years to come.”