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2022 May News Brief

By May 19, 2022Newsletter

News Briefs

Wood River Women's Foundation Sun Valley Ketchum Idaho

May 2022

News Brief

Grants Spotlight – ARCH Community Housing Trust

Michelle Griffith, Executive Director, ARCH

With the mission to create permanent solutions to housing affordability in Blaine County, Michelle Griffith leads her team at ARCH Community Housing Trust to improve the lives of hard-working families who may, in a more typical community, not need housing assistance. These are the teachers, police officers, firefighters, nurses, and others who ensure our community is educated, cared for, and protected. In return for their commitment to Blaine County, ARCH is dedicated to making sure these families enjoy a warm and loving home.

On April 25, 2022, Michelle Griffith, Executive Director of ARCH, shared her thoughts with Alli Frank of the Wood River Women’s Foundation (WRWF) on the following three questions:

How has the 2022 WRWF grant furthered the mission of your organization at this moment in time?

At this time, ARCH is focused on building our private philanthropy, so we may be able to deliver increased affordable housing. All grants, donations, and other contributions go directly to building homes. This effort provides two important ongoing benefits: first, the families served live affordably and can contribute to our local economy, and second, the revenue generated from rents, although not high enough to attract market-rate investment, provides funding for housing needs.

With the support of the WRWF and the greater Blaine County community at large, where do you see the organization in three years?

In three years, we hope to have expanded our development capacity with more and more partnerships. Yes, increased partnerships equals more housing, but it also ultimately benefits both organizations. ARCH benefits because the partnership opportunities allow our capital to go further in creating housing. The partner organizations benefit because they have an important tool to help with attraction and retention of essential employees.

What is one BIG HOPE you have for the future of the Wood River Valley?

To be redundant, if we can deliver enough housing to the valley, the revenue generated will enable ARCH to build homes and keep pace with growth without the need to fundraise. Already our organizational costs are covered with program revenue. Housing does not have to be an ongoing issue, we can solve it, together, as one community.

Grantees in the News

Men’s Second Chance Living

Men’s Second Chance Living

WRWF encourages all to support a second house for Grantee Men’s Second Chance Living (MSCL)! As of April 22, 2022, $657,000 of the $900,000 campaign goal has been raised to purchase their second home! $243,000 more is needed to complete the Building a Better Tomorrow capital campaign.

The Hailey MSCL House opened in 2018 and has seen an increased demand for safe and sober living as substance use rates rise locally and nationally. In 2021 the organization received 19 applications, 13 of which had to be put on a waitlist due to a lack of available beds.

Since its inception, the sober home has served more than 45 men in early recovery from substance use disorder, providing more than 8,000 sober bed nights.

To contribute to the capital campaign, visit or send a check to MSCL House, P.O. Box 2398, Hailey, ID. 83333. Questions? Call Sonya Wilander at 208-481-0182

Blaine County Education Foundation (BCEF)

Blaine County Education Foundation Fund

Blaine County Education Foundation (BCEF) goes beyond what public education provides to meet the needs of our students, teachers, and community. May 2nd-5th was Idaho Gives week, a powerful annual event with more than 600 local participating organizations. Thank you to the many who donated during the Idaho Gives Campaign and gave to organizations such as BCEF, who are doing wonders in the community! Your support was crucial and helped to set up BCEF as they aim to meet the needs of students and BCSD staff for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.

The Hunger Coalition 

Hunger Coalition Bloom Truck

The Hunger Coalition and The Community Library plan to continue their Bloom Truck partnership this summer in Blaine County! The Bloom Truck began servicing the Wood River Valley in 2016 in an effort to address hunger beyond traditional services.

In addition to healthy food options, the Bloom Truck also brings books to isolated neighborhoods across the county to help kids and families maintain nutrition and learn during the summer months.

The organization services 5 locations from Carey to Ketchum, from May 31 to August 20. Check out the Bloom Truck schedule on the Hunger Coalition Website. Food for Kids – The Hunger Coalition

WRWF Finance Committee Corner

Trinka Dyer, Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair

By Trinka Dyer – Finance Committee Chair

Efficiently running a 325+ member, volunteer-driven nonprofit organization requires diligence, sufficient funding, and a conservative operating budget. The Finance Committee works hard to deliver a budget that respects the Foundation’s mission and simultaneously ensures compliance with applicable 501(c)(3) regulations. The Finance Committee works hard to deliver a tight budgeting process for the funds we collect and spend to operate the Foundation in pursuit of our mission and to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. Here is a summary of our income and expenses:

Income –

  • $100 operating contribution paid with each annual membership
  • Annual draw from the Restricted Endowment Fund
  • Additional member and sponsor donations to support operations and for underwriting specific expenses

Expenses –

  • Staff – We have one paid, part-time Executive Assistant whose responsibilities include membership processing, database management, bookkeeping, and committee and member support.
  • Technology to support the grants process, website, member communications, and member database
  • Committee expenses for Grants, Communications, Education, and Membership
  • Professional services – primarily fees for tax and accounting work and insurance.
  • Member events, although we strive to ensure that our paid events (Annual Meeting and Holiday Social) break even.

As our membership, impact, and costs of compliance have grown, so, too, have the expenses of managing the organization. Currently, the $100 annual operating contribution covers less than one-third of Foundation operating costs. The draw from the Restricted Endowment Fund supports another 30%. Fortunately, generous donations and expense underwriting by several members have provided the additional revenue needed to balance our budget each year.

Beginning in 2022 we are encouraging members to voluntarily contribute $200 with their annual membership in place of the $100 fee instituted when we began 17 years ago. This $200 per member operating contribution more accurately supports the true cost of running a large 501(c)(3) in today’s environment.

The Finance Committee’s charter is to provide direction and oversight for WRWF financial management. This includes reviewing the budget and monthly financial reports, performing an internal audit, and overseeing financial and investment policies and procedures. Thank you to the dedicated and skilled Finance Committee members, Tana Aardal, Karen de Saint Phalle, Kathy Edwards, Gail Landis, Courtney Jelaco and Linda Nicholson.

We welcome new members who have experience in finance, accounting, or investment management. Please contact Trinka Dyer, at if you are interested in joining our committee.

Board Update – Appointment Nominees

In the May 17, 2022 Board meeting, the directors approved the following nominees for appointments:

Trinka Dyer

Trinka Dyer as Foundation Treasurer

Gail Landis

Gail Landis as Interim Board Secretary

Dianne Tibbs-Johnson

Dianne Tibbs-Johnson as VP of Operations

In advance of the August 3rd Annual Meeting, all members will be given the opportunity to officially vote on the 2022-2023 Board of Directors.


  • June 15 M&M – 4:30-6:00 at Aroma (formerly Cristina’s)
  • July 13 – Education Event with The Alliance of Idaho at Hunger Coalition
  • August 3 – Annual Meeting
  • August 18 – New Member Orientation via Zoom 4:00 – 5:15pm

Upcoming Events

Educational Meet & Mingle hosted by The Alliance of Idaho

Becky Lopez, Executive Director
Sarah Sentilles, Director of Communications and Development Immigration
Luis Campos, Immigration attorney
Sam Linnet, Hailey City Council Member and local attorney

Wednesday, July 13th


  • 4:00-4:30 Meet & Mingle with wine, margaritas and tapas prepared by chef Paula
  • 4:30-5:15 Informational presentation from The Alliance
  • 5:15-6:00 Questions and continuation of Meet & Mingle

The Hunger Coalition patio in the rear of the building near the café

Learn about the services provided by The Alliance of Idaho and the issues in the Valley about which we all need to be aware.

Space is limited, so a request for your RSVP will be sent in June


Field Trips!

Did someone say ‘Field Trip’?

The Grants Committee is excited to announce “Field Trips!”, a new WRWF initiative to connect our members with nonprofits and their work in the community. The committee will identify which current grantees are candidates for a WRWF visit, and outings will be led by the site team volunteers who worked with each grantee during the grant application process.

Keep an eye on your inbox for “Field Trip!” invitations or find sign up information on the WRWF website calendar – the trips will appear when they have been confirmed. The Grants Committee hopes you will join these adventures for an on-site look at the work of our grantees and the opportunity to have some fun with your fellow philanthropists!

~ Sally Frear Halstead

Event Recap: Zions Bank Ribbon Cutting

Zions Ribbon Cutting Attendees

An Open House and Ribbon Cutting ceremony was held on 4/26 to celebrate our newly donated office spaces at Zions Bank in Ketchum. A lively group of WRWF members and Grantees gathered to take part in the festivities and see the workspace.

Terri Bullock, WRWF President, and Mary Sfingi, Wood River Valley Zions Bank Branch Manager, spoke of their appreciation for the relationship between the two entities and their excitement to be sharing office space.

The Zions offices will allow WRWF committees to meet more effectively, both in person and virtually (thanks to the speedy WiFi). It also provides ample space to stay organized as the Foundation continues to grow in size and scope.

Read how the event was reported in our media coverage section here.

New Members

We are delighted to extend a warm WRWF welcome to new members who joined this month!

  • Mona Zander

New WRWF members are invited to provide photos and a bit of information about themselves to share in the News Brief. We have so many interesting members and it is fun to read about everyone’s background. Thanks so much and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Member Call to Action – News Brief Content

NB Call for Content

Help us bring you the news you want to see! The monthly News Brief is the perfect place to share exciting events, happenings, and updates with our entire membership. Are you working with a deserving local nonprofit that could benefit from more attention? Do you know an individual doing exceptional work that should be recognized? What’s going on in the Wood River Valley that our members should know about? Let’s represent the range of knowledge and different perspectives possessed by our members!

All 325+ members are encouraged to connect with the Communications Committee to develop short articles and spotlights to be featured in an upcoming edition of the News Brief.

Please reach out to to be partnered with a committee member.

Thank you, Sponsors.

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Many thanks to members who have designated WRWF as their selected charity on AmazonSmile! To link Wood River Women’s Foundation AmazonSmile to your Amazon account, click here and get signed up. Then, whenever you shop Amazon, use the AmazonSmile website.

We are grateful for our sponsors and extend a hearty WRWF thank you to Graybird Foundation, Little Caesars and Zions Bank!

Thank you, Contributors!

Thank you to this month’s News Brief contributors:
Christina Bauer, Trinka Dyer, Alli Frank, Jill Grossman, Sally Halstead, Carol Hoffman, Rebecca Ybarra Palma, Sarah Shepard, Renee Spooner