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2022 June News Brief

By June 15, 2022Newsletter

News Briefs

Wood River Women's Foundation Sun Valley Ketchum Idaho

June 2022

News Brief

Grants Spotlight – Blaine County Charitable Fund

BCCF’s Siomara Navarrete, Bilingual Family Care Coordinator, and Mary Fauth, Executive Director, attend the Hunger Coalition’s food distribution to connect with people in need of assistance.

The vision of the Blaine County Charitable Fund (BCCF) is, “a community where all people can maintain stability in times of crisis, and where shared resources and knowledge help ensure that all can thrive.” And what a beautiful vision that is! Alli Frank connected with BCCF Director and Co-Founder, Mary Fauth for a Q&A.

WRWF: How has the WRWF grant furthered the mission of your organization at this moment in time?

MARY: Blaine County Charitable Fund’s mission—creating stable and resilient communities in Blaine County—took a big step forward the past few months thanks to the WRWF grant. We were able to expand our bilingual staff position to include more time and focus to support all applicants through our financial assistance program as well as the other resources that we offer. Also, we committed to more in-person time at the Hunger Coalition and Hailey Library, where we’ve been able to intersect with those already experiencing crisis. With this ability to be more hands on in the community, we’ve connected applicants to impactful resources, new housing, and deepened our relationships with our clients.

WRWF: With the support of the WRWF and the greater Blaine County community at large, where do you see the organization in three years?

MARY: The move to offering more services in-person, thanks to WRWF and our community support, has led to BCCF opening offices in Hailey in the Sawtooth Business Center (formally Marketron) at the north end of town. This was done in collaboration with the Blaine County Housing Authority who opened an office next door. In three years we envision this easily accessible hub to be a housing go-to location where not only will individuals access financial assistance, but also find opportunities for new housing and education. In addition, we hope to soon be able to provide tenant legal services.

WRWF: What is one BIG HOPE you have for the future of the Wood River Valley?

MARY: Our BIG HOPE is that EVERY individual in our community knows where they can turn for help when they are facing financial and housing stresses. And thanks to the urgency that has risen out of the current housing crisis, there will be many more opportunities to stabilize, destress and solve these issues for our community members in the future.

Grantees in the News

The Space

The Space

WRWF commends grantee, The Space, for providing access to educational support and resources for students from grades 6 to 12, and offering free summer camps and workshops for South Valley students.

The Space offers individual and group academic support, college and financial aid counseling, tutoring in math, English, science, foreign language, bilingual resources, test prep and college essay writing for under-resourced students. Applications are open now for STEAM-related camps to be held at Bellevue Library this summer. Read more at Mountain Express!

The Space Idaho to hold free summer camps in the South Valley | Special Sections |

Higher Ground

Higher Ground

World Bicycle Day was on June 3! This summer grantee Higher Ground offers all level mountain bike classes for people with physical and intellectual developmental disabilities for those 8 years old and up. If you missed Bicycle Day, Higher Ground has an extensive recreational calendar all summer long!
Learn more about their summer offerings at

Wood River Land Trust  

Wood River Land Trust Yoga

Namaste! Register for Yoga in the Preserves with Wood River Land Trust on 6/18!
This is just in time to celebrate International Yoga Day later this month, June 21st! This event is free to the public and the first in a four part series. Make sure you register with the link below and follow @woodriverlandtrust for more on their future events!

Committee Corner: Investment Committee

Gail Landis, Investment Committee Chair

The WRWF Investment Committee (IC) is a subcommittee of the Finance Committee (FC) and is responsible for overseeing WRWF’s two endowments, our Restricted Endowment and our Board-designated Endowment, commonly known as a Quasi-endowment.

The IC is composed of members who possess professional investment/asset management expertise. WRWF benefits from this expertise to formulate the overall investment policies of our Endowments, establish investment guidelines; oversee the invested assets (working with our outside investment advisor) of the Endowments; and monitor the management of the Endowments’ assets for compliance with our investment policies and guidelines.

Additionally, in collaboration with the FC and our investment manager, the IC recommends the annual spending draw from the Restricted Endowment as specified by our Investment Policy Statement. All IC actions are subject to approval by the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors.

The IC Chair serves as a member of the Finance Committee, working closely with Trinka Dyer (Treasurer and FC Chair) who is also a member of the IC. The IC Chair has the primary responsibility for reporting on the work of the Committee at each FC meeting as well as to the WRWF Board on a regular basis.
Gail Landis, WRWF Board member, Governance Committee Chair, and Chair of the IC, had a 30-year career on Wall Street as an investor, a business leader, and an entrepreneur. She brings her expertise in managing investment portfolios to this critical, yet largely unseen, role. Other members include Diana Strandberg and Linda Nicholson.

The Committee welcomes interest from members who have relevant expertise to join the IC team. Please contact Gail at for further information.


  • June 15 – Gateway to Summer M&M – at Aroma
  • July 13 – Education Event with The Alliance of Idaho at Hunger Coalition
  • August 3 – Annual Meeting at Trail Creek
  • August 18 – New Member Orientation via Zoom 4:00 – 5:15 pm

Upcoming ED Events

The Alliance

The Alliance: Becky Lopez and Luis Campos

  • What: Meet & Mingle and educational presentation hosted by The Alliance of Idaho.
  • Why: Bring awareness to the issues in the valley about which we should all be knowledgeable. Learn what services The Alliance of Idaho provides and to whom.
  • Who:
    • Executive Director, Becky Lopez
    • Board Chair, Sarah Sentilles
    • Immigration attorney, Luis Campos
    • Local attorney, Sam Linnet
  • When: Wednesday, July 13
    • Timeline:
      • 4:00-4:30 – Meet +Mingle Wine, margaritas, and tapas prepared by Chef Paula
      • 4:30-5:15 – Informational presentation about The Alliance of Idaho
      • 5:15-6:00 – Q&A session and continuation of Meet +Mingle
  • Where: The Hunger Coalition patio in the rear of the building near the cafe
  • How: Space is limited so a request for RSVP will be sent in June.



The importance of legal representation for people in immigration proceedings cannot be overstated: Detained people with counsel are ten times more likely to win their immigration cases than those without representation. Yet the majority of detained people – over 70 percent – faced immigration courts without a lawyer in 2021.

Through The Alliance’s “Hazte Valer: Initial Consultation Program,” immigration attorney Luis Campos offers hour-long initial consultations to anyone who has immigration questions or needs help or a second opinion. We charge clients only $25 for this hour, and The Alliance pays the remaining part of Luis’s fees ($125) and expenses.

Hazte Valer is an idiom that means Assert yourself or Make yourself matter. The Alliance empowers our clients and protects their human rights by providing them with access to ethical and affordable legal representation that makes a life-saving difference for families in our community.

Through “Hazte Valer,” The Alliance:

  • Offers hour-long consultations with Luis Campos for clients in person and by video for $25;
  • Takes the legal load off other non-profits in the valley so they can concentrate on their mission-driven activities and services; and
  • Provides excellent, ethical, and dependable legal services (including for asylum cases) that helps secure our position as a trusted hub for impacted communities in the valley.


Through our Wood River Asylum Project (WRAP), The Alliance empowers our clients and protects their human rights by providing them with access to ethical and affordable legal representation that makes a life-saving difference for families in our community. We are the only organization in Blaine County that takes on asylum cases due to their complicated and time-consuming nature.

Through WRAP, The Alliance:

  • Offers clients access to low-bono and pro-bono asylum legal services with attorney Luis Campos at a radically reduced rate based on income;
  • Takes the legal load off other non-profits in the Wood River Valley so they can concentrate on their mission-driven activities and services; and
  • Provides excellent, ethical, and dependable legal services that help secure our position as a trusted hub for impacted communities in the valley.

The Alliance vigorously protects the human and legal rights of both immigrants and asylum-seekers. These rights are guaranteed by the Constitution, by U.S. statutory law, and by our treaty obligations, no matter what your immigration status is. Our work through the Wood River Asylum Project focuses on representing clients seeking asylum in the United States.

Health Forum

State of the Valley Health Forum at Community Library

  • What: State of the Valley Health Forum
  • Why: How has the pandemic impacted healthcare in the Wood River Valley
  • Who:
    • St. Luke’s – Almita Nunnelee, RN, BSN COO/CNO
    • Family Health Services – Bellevue (speaker TBD)
    • Mental Health – Laurie Strand, Resiliency training and 5B Suicide Prevention Group
    • Moderator – Dr. Tom Archie
  • When: 9/15/22 from 3:30-5:30 pm
  • Where: Community Library and live-streamed
  • How: RSVP to Community Library

Upcoming Annual Meeting

  • What: The Annual Meeting: Celebrating WRWF Grantees!
  • Why: In-person Reception and Celebration of Grantees
  • Who: Featured Grantee Speaker Beth Oppenheimer, Executive Director, Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children
  • When: Wednesday, August 3, 11:00-2:00
  • Where: Trail Creek Cabin, Sun Valley Resort
  • How: RSVP and register by clicking here.

We are delighted to invite you to the 2022 Wood River Women’s Foundation Annual Meeting and Celebration of Grantees on August 3 under the tent at Trail Creek!

This yearly luncheon is an occasion for celebration and we particularly look forward to honoring the newly-named 2022 grantees in person. Our “Celebrating WRWF” theme is a tribute to the impressive work our nonprofit partners have accomplished.

  • The luncheon will fill up quickly and we encourage prompt registration.
  • Event cost is $60 per person. (*A credit card processing fee of $2 will automatically be incurred when paying by card for a total $62 fee. To pay by check, send your $60 payment to P.O. Box 3686, Ketchum, ID 83340.)

Your payment will be your confirmation of in-person attendance. Please submit your online payment or check early to ensure your seat.
To sign up online use the online registration. You can also send a check to: WRWF, P.O. Box 3686, Ketchum, ID 83340.

Even if you are not able to attend, all members will be receiving the information necessary to vote on the Annual Meeting components of the luncheon including the slate of officers, board terms, financials and more. Check your inbox regularly so your vote can be counted.

We hope you’ll be joining the festivities – there is much to celebrate!

Call Christina Bauer at our office at 208-309-2530 or email for any questions or if you have trouble with registration.

Event Recap

Sun Valley Early Literacy Summit

Summit Speakers, Carol Tolman, Louisa Moats, Anne Whitney, Judi Dodson, and Antonio Fierro

Learn how a shared commitment to early learning is building across our community!

Since March when WRWF announced our large scale grant to fund the creation of an early learning ecosystem in Blaine County, the Focus Grant team has been tracking other initiatives, efforts and funding that will work to further build on this much-needed area of education. Here’s the latest news that has us excited:


1. Blaine County School District announced that it will offer free, half-day preschool at four locations for all children in the school district during the 2022-23 academic year, a move that temporarily waives preschool costs for the 2021-22 school year due to the strains of the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, preschool was available to a limited number of students with parents paying on a sliding scale based on household income. Read about it here:

2. The Community Library, which received partial funding for their recent grant application, presented a pilot program: The Sun Valley Early Literacy Summit on June 8 -10. Teachers from across southern Idaho convened with five nationally-recognized literacy experts, including our own Louisa Moats, to dig into how we teach reading. Sessions included “Becoming a Community of Readers: 5 Literacy Experts Discuss How We Grow Readers” and “How to Help Bilingual Children Become Strong Readers.”

Our Community Library extended its mission to promote valley-wide literacy by sponsoring a three-day Literacy Summit, June 8-10. Thirty-five primary grade teachers from Blaine County and other districts in Southern Idaho attended. Bilingual reading expert Dr. Antonio Fierro from El Paso, Texas, organized and led the institute, with the aim of increasing teachers’ ability to understand and address the challenges that English Learners face as they begin to read, write, and use a new language.

Participating teachers were treated to detailed language comparisons, many specific instructional techniques and resources, and several books containing current research that will help us close the persistent gaps between subgroups of learners. Teachers left energized and informed, ready to apply what they learned in the coming school year.

Dr. Fierro and other presenters, including Louisa Moats, Carol Tolman, Anne Whitney, and Judi Dodson, joined a panel discussion one evening, and Dr. Fierro gave an additional talk in Spanish to interested families.

The Community Library will be offering follow-up seminars and consultations for participating teachers during the year. Many kudos to Jenny Davidson and the library for making reading competence a major part of their mission!

3. As announced in the April News Brief, our Focus Grant 2022 recipient, the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children (ID-AEYC), matched our $100,000 grant to create a total of $200,000 in funds and services for year one of this grant. In addition, ID-AEYC recently received another $25,000 in matching funds from the Idaho STEM Action Center as a result of WRWF’s partnership with the Idaho Charitable Foundation.

We are thrilled that WRWF is part of this catalytic moment in Blaine County and will continue to keep WRWF members updated on our FG2022 progress.
Thank you!
Louisa Moats & Laura Midgley

June Meet & Mingle

June M&M at Aroma

Members gathered for our “Gateway to Summer” M&M on Wednesday, June 15th! Juan, the new proprietor of Aroma, (formerly Cristina’s) was excited to welcome us on his lovely deck. We were delighted to celebrate this new addition to our Ketchum dining experience!

New Members

We are delighted to extend a warm WRWF welcome to new members who joined this month!

Manijeh Brueggeman
Cheryl Hall
Susan Kase

New WRWF members are invited to provide photos and a bit of information about themselves to share in the News Brief. We have so many interesting members and it is fun to read about everyone’s background. Thanks so much and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Max. file size: 50 MB.
Max. file size: 50 MB.

Giving Back by Future Forward Member Joy Flores-Perez

This summer I will be backpacking in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York and in the North Cascades of Washington State with a group of 15-year-old, high-potential students from under-resourced communities in the greater Los Angeles area. The backpacking trek, also known as “Bridges,” is completed in partnership with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) as the second summer experience for students in the 5-year C5 Los Angeles leadership and college access program.

Students spend seven life-changing days in the backcountry crossing rivers, hiking challenging trails, building relationships, and learning lessons that will support them on their post-secondary journeys. For many of these students, this pivotal summer allows them to realize their true potential and empowers their drive to succeed.

Although the views and peaks we summit are always breathtaking, being able to witness this change happen among the students in real-time is what keeps me coming back to be their trek guide every summer.

Joy joined WRWF in 2021 and is a member of the Communications Committee.

Member Call to Action – Social Media

We have seen a great deal of progress recently in our impact across our channels! Your social media team is calling everyone at WRWF to share our post content about members, grantees, and events via Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Re-sharing our posts will further our mission of increasing visibility, reach, and engagement. If you have questions or need any assistance with re-sharing our posts, please contact Rebecca Ybarra Palma at

Please help us connect with our community even more!

Thank you, Sponsors.

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We are grateful for our sponsors and extend a hearty WRWF thank you to Graybird Foundation, Little Caesars and Zions Bank!

Thank you, Contributors!

Thank you to this month’s News Brief contributors:
Christina Bauer, Joy Flores-Perez, Alli Frank, Louisa Moats, Jill Grossman, Gail Landis, Laura Midgley, Sarah Shepard, Renee Spooner, Rebecca Palma, Peggy Walker Thompson