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2022 July News Brief

By July 28, 2022Newsletter

News Briefs

Wood River Women's Foundation Sun Valley Ketchum Idaho

July 2022

News Brief

Grants Spotlight – The Advocates by Alli Frank

By Alli Frank
The Advocates – Tricia Swartling, CEO

The Advocates CEO Tricia Swartling

For our local Wood River Women’s Foundation members, we hope you saw The Advocates Color Our World Campaign in Memory Park June 24 through July 1 (see link at end of article.) Better yet, we hope you were able to participate. Since 1991, The Advocates have been dedicated to building a compassionate community free of emotional and physical abuse. To that end the organization, run by Tricia Swartling, teaches people of all ages how to build and maintain happy and supportive relationships with peers and partners through education, shelter, resources and support.

How has the WRWF grant furthered the mission of The Advocates at this moment in time? The grant supports childcare for our clients, which is crucial. Childcare services speaks to the part of our mission that offers resources and increases support for our clients to focus on and maintain healthy relationships. By providing another form of assistance, often a costly one in our valley, our clients have more financial independence and do not have to rely on their abusers for support.

With the support of the WRWF, and the greater Blaine County community at large, where do you see the organization in three years? In three years, I see The Advocates fully realizing its campus in central Hailey. We will have a new final building that houses on the first floor a childcare center, a large meeting room for collaboration and client gatherings, a group cooking kitchen for classes for clients to increase social bonds, and additional case manager offices. The second floor will be 4-6 units of transitional housing for clients to eliminate our wait list, and the third floor will be 4 – 6 units of employee housing. I also hope to see our Prevention Education staff expanded by one full-time person to reach more students and community members.

What is one BIG HOPE you have for the future of the Wood River Valley? My BIG HOPE is that we can realize more affordable housing so that we can attract and retain a diverse population.

Advocates Add Ribbon Round-Up to Color Our World Display (

President’s Message: Terri Bullock Farewell

Terri Bullock

As you know, my term as the president of the WRWF is coming to an end, and I couldn’t be more grateful, and fulfilled by what has been accomplished these past three years. I joined the board in 2017 as the social media chair, became the vice president in 2018 and the president in 2019. I didn’t have previous nonprofit board experience, but I did bring a skillset from working in a large corporation that was translatable to the nonprofit sector. I quickly learned about board governance, what it takes to be mission-driven, how to operate for sustainability and longevity, and what the impact of the WRWF work meant to the community.

As I self-reflect on these past years, the WRWF mission is not just a set of words, but it means that collectively, we contribute tremendous gifts, not only financially, but with the sharing of our expertise, our life experiences, our passion, and our talent.

We completed an aggressive strategic plan through governance, leadership development and operations. This has formed the scaffolding on which WRWF can safely stand and weather any storm. We continue to grow the donor gifts that provide our local nonprofits with the necessary resources to fulfill their own missions. Together we created our first-ever trust-based, large-scale Focus Grant 2022 that intends to significantly move the needle in early childhood education. And, we are growing the next generation of young women philanthropists who also care deeply for this work and are excited to bring their talents to the table.

While I’m so proud of many accomplishments, it’s not about me, but about the collective. Every WRWF member shares in the joys, the successes, the accomplishments, and the results of the good work of our organization. Thank you for your partnership these past years, and I look forward to our continued work together.

In closing, I want to say that I am not going far. I will remain a board member for another year, working with our new president, Sandy McCullough, to ensure a smooth transition. I will also join the Past Presidents’ Council as the chair, and continue to provide support where needed.

I am so very grateful for this experience, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Terri Bullock

Board Announcements 

Annual Meeting News – More than 10 underwriters have stepped up to help with the costs of the Annual Meeting – these generous donors range from WRWF founders to some of our newest members; we are grateful for their support!

Grants Committee – The membership received an email on July 20 highlighting the Board-approved refresh to the Grants Committee’s procedures, timeline and structure. The refresh further streamlines and simplifies our grant process, and reduces the timeline from when nonprofits apply to when grants are distributed from 7 months to 3 months with no sacrifice in the quality of our review process – our nonprofit partners are thrilled (for more information, refer to your 7/21/22 email). New Co-Chairs have been recruited and will be announced soon!

SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Statement – On Friday, July 22 members received an email reflecting the Board’s discussion of the interests expressed by many WRWF members regarding the SCOTUS reversal of Roe v. Wade. Responses received from members are highly supportive of the statement. Read more HERE

New Board member Jeannie Shroads participated in her first Board meeting via zoom from aboard a fishing vessel in Alaska!

Events Recap 

Idaho Trails Association –  Nine campers lined up here with two of their camp leaders after a long day of clearing trails.

WRWF grantee Idaho Trails Association (ITA) has been conducting its Youth Trail Program this summer. In June, a few Grants Committee members (who had reviewed the ITA grant application) joined the campers and staff at their North Fork campground. These members spoke with the campers about the trail work they had been doing and joined them for a spaghetti and meatball dinner, with pineapple upsidedown cake for dessert.

This particular group of 9 youth campers (ages 16-17) and 2 counselors was scheduled to work for three days clearing Forest Service trails in the North Fork area. Some of the campers shared their desire to return next year because of the positive experience they were having. The purpose of the Youth Trail Program is to clear trails for public access and to connect youth with the outdoors. ITA collaborates with the Wood River Trail Coalition and the Forest Service for their trips throughout Wood River Valley.

The Alliance Team – Becky Lopez, Kate Delval (intern), Sam Linnet, Sarah Sentilles, Luis Campos

While the Alliance of Idaho staff may be a small team, they are mighty. On 7/13 WRWF members attended a session hosted by The Alliance who shared information about the services they offer and the positive effect they have on our community.

In addition to providing low-cost or no-cost legal services, The Alliance also provides opportunities for education, outreach, and advocacy. Above all else, the Alliance of Idaho protects the human rights of immigrants. Sarah Sentilles, Director of Communications and Development, explained, “What we do is impact generations. When one person has their status changed, it flows through the generations.”

Luis Campos, a member of the Alliance’s legal team, is the only bilingual attorney in the valley – and the only one who takes asylum cases. Many attorneys refuse asylum cases because of their time-consuming nature.


Detained people with counsel are 10 times more likely to win their immigration cases than those without representation.
Non-detained people with counsel are 5 times more likely to win their immigration cases than those without representation.
73% of children with representation are allowed to remain in the United States, while only 15% of children that are unrepresented are allowed to remain here.

Sadly, in 2021, the majority of detained people – over 70% – faced immigration courts without a lawyer.

The Alliance of Idaho works hard every day to improve the lives of our community members. Although we have great services in our Valley, there is a trust gap. The vision is to become a trusted hub for assistance of all kinds.

Yanna Lantz with artwork by Anna Skibska. Photo by Yelena Tsioma

The 7/20 Summer Soiree at Friesen+Lantz Fine Art was hosted by the WRWF Future Forward Committee and Yanna Lantz.

Past WRWF Grantee, The Spot Theatre, provided an overview of their mission: connecting through fearless theater and training performing artists.

Underwriters included Hazlett Wealth Management and Summer Baldwin of Sun Valley Real Estate.

Higher Ground Cycling Program

Several Grants Committee volunteers were invited to attend a summer Cycling Program session at 2022 Grantee Higher Ground (HG). Over a 6-week period, participants are given the opportunity to ride an adaptive bike that fits their age and ability levels, and learn how to ride on their own safely. Each child in the group session receives individualized guidance from Summer Instructors and Recreation Therapists. Participants may start on a ‘Strider’ (no pedal) bike, then add on a foot placement attachment or a ‘pedal kit’ before moving to a two-wheel pedal bike. Tricycles, recumbent bikes, and tandem bikes are also available.

The WRWF members learned about the ins and outs of the Cycling Program and its participants from HG Executive Director Kate Donnie, Adaptive Sports Manager Kayla Pedrolini, and Adaptive Sports Coordinator Maggie Johnson. The HG team shared that learning to ride a bike can help build important life skills like problem solving, while also providing a sense of independence. It was extremely touching to hear about the background of some of the individuals with disabilities who are involved in the Cycling Program. Not only are these participants having a blast learning to ride a bike, they are also gaining priceless confidence. The Grant funded a minimum of 20 kids to be biking through the valley this summer.


  • August 1 – Annual Meeting Voting Deadline
  • August 3 – Annual Meeting at Trail Creek
  • August 18 – New Member Orientation via Zoom 4:00 – 5:15 pm
  • Sept 14 – State of the Valley Health Forum

Upcoming Events

8/3 Annual Meeting

Aug 3rd Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

  • What: The Annual Meeting: Celebrating WRWF’s Grantees!
  • Why: In-person Reception and Celebration of Grantees
  • Who: Featured Grantee speaker Beth Oppenheimer, Executive Director, Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children
  • When: Wednesday August 3, 11:00am – 2:00pm
  • Where: Trail Creek Cabin, 300 Trail Creek Road, Sun Valley
  • How: RSVP and register by clicking here.


We are delighted to invite you to the 2022 Wood River Women’s Foundation Annual Meeting and Celebration of Grantees on August 3 under the tent at Trail Creek!

This yearly luncheon is an occasion for celebration and we particularly look forward to honoring the newly-named 2022 grantees in person. Our theme—Celebrating WRWF’s Grantees—is a tribute to the impressive work our nonprofit partners have accomplished.

  • The luncheon will fill up quickly and we encourage prompt registration.
  • The event cost is $60 per person. (*A credit card processing fee of $2 will automatically be incurred when paying by card for a total $62 fee. To pay by check, send your $60 payment to P.O. Box 3686, Ketchum, ID 83340.)

Your payment will be your confirmation of in-person attendance. Please submit your online payment or check early to ensure your seat.

To sign up online use the online registration. You can also send a check to – WRWF, P.O. Box 3686, Ketchum, ID 83340.

Even if you are not able to attend, all members will be receiving the information necessary to vote on the Annual Meeting components of the luncheon including the slate of officers, board terms, financials, and more. Check your inbox regularly so your vote can be counted.

We hope you’ll be joining the festivities – there is much to celebrate!

Call Christina Bauer at our office at 208-309-2530 or email for any questions or if you have trouble with registration.

If you haven’t already registered for the Annual Meeting, you may do so by clicking the button below.

9/14 State of the Valley Health Forum

Sept 14th State of the Valley Health Forum

State of the Valley Health Forum

  • When: Wednesday, September 14th, 3:30-5:30 pm
  • Where: Community Library in Ketchum
  • What: “How has the pandemic impacted healthcare in the Wood River Valley”
  • Who:
    • Moderator – Dr. Tom Archie
    • St. Luke’s- Almita Nunnelee, RN, BSN COO/CNO
    • Mental Health- Laurie Strand, Resiliency Rising Social Worker
    • Family Health Services – Bellevue
    • Senior Health or Private – Dr. Scott McLean
  • How: In Person – 100-person capacity; to RSVP CLICK HERE

The Education Committee is still seeking event underwriting at the $100, $250, and $500+ levels. Please contact Christina, by clicking the link below, if you are able to contribute.

Thank you!

Member News – Christina Bauer, WRWF Administrator

Christina Bauer


We are delighted to announce the promotion of Christina Bauer to the position of WRWF Administrator. Christina is such a highly-valued employee and partner in the work of this Foundation. We are extremely grateful for her integrity, positivity, and commitment to our mission. In recognition of the breadth, depth and quality of what she accomplishes, the Board approved the update of her title to WRWF Administrator.

New Members

We are delighted to extend a warm WRWF welcome to new members who joined this month!

Susan Brickman
Jodi Goodheart
Sarah Lurie
Kim Poplawski

New WRWF members are invited to provide photos and a bit of information about themselves to share in the News Brief. We have so many interesting members and it is fun to read about everyone’s background. Thanks so much and we look forward to meeting you soon.

New Member Form

Max. file size: 50 MB.
Max. file size: 50 MB.

New Member Profile – Elizabeth Dickinson

Elizabeth Dickinson


Elizabeth Dickinson is originally from California and has been coming up to Sun Valley since 1965. She has been married to Doug for 31 years. In February 2021, Elizabeth retired from being a complex litigator and moved up to Idaho full-time in September 2021.

They have three children: Holly, who is a doctor in Philadelphia; Matthew, who works for Facebook in Seattle; and George, who just graduated with a double major from NYU last May. Elizabeth’s kids grew up coming to Sun Valley in the winters and summers. They learned to ski, ride horses, ice-skate, play tennis, and swim, and still love to come to Sun Valley to visit.

Member Call to Action – AEYC Early Learning Collaborative Coordinator

Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children

Martin Balben, Project Director with the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children (Idaho AEYC) has shared a contractor position job description to be hired soon for the Wood River Valley Early Learning Collaborative. They strived to ensure that compensation is in line with the needs in Wood River Valley, and hope to find the best possible person for the position.
Please read and circulate the job description to your personal contacts who you think would be great for the role. Any referrals will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping to create positive early education system change for children and families.

CLICK HERE to read the job description

Thank you, Sponsors.

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Thank you, Contributors!

Thank you to this month’s News Brief contributors:
Christina Bauer, Terri Bullock, Alli Frank, Corey Graham, Jill Grossman, Carol Hoffman, Anne Jeffery, Sandy McCullough, Karissa Price-Rico, Sarah Shepard, Renee Spooner, Rebecca Ybarra Palma